The cover story

Aamir Khan.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s appearance on Time magazine’s cover has been creating a lot of buzz for the past one week. Why? Apparently because he is the first Indian (male) actor that the magazine thought was worthy of being on the cover.

Before him, actresses Praveen Babi (1976) and Ashwariya Rai (2003) have achieved that feat. The thing is: Aamir K has not been chosen for the profession he’s been involved in for more than two decades, but for the TV show Satyamev Jayate which he recently hosted and raised many issues plaguing Indian society. The magazine writes, “Can one actor change a nation?” The answer could be both yes and no. We shall discuss that some other time. The thing is, if Aamir K had been selected for his acting that would’ve been a big, big cover story. If you know what I mean!

By the way, a recently published book on Aamir K’s life titled I’ll Do It My Way is a good read, too.

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