ISLAMABAD, Aug 5: A four-year-old girl was kidnapped by two unidentified persons from outside her house in Shahzad Town on Sunday, police and the family of the missing girl said.

Four-year-old, Hamail Najeeb walked out of her house after finding the main door open, but shortly afterwards, she went missing.

A lady doctor who lives in the neighbourhood noticed from the terrace of her house that two unidentified motorbike riders were taking away the little girl but she realised that something was terribly wrong.

Later she informed the police.

The incident came to light after the girl’s mother noticed that her loved one was missing as the main gate of the house was open.

After that she started a door-to-door search for her daughter, she was informed that her daughter was seen being taken away by two unknown motorbike riders.

An eyewitness was quoted as saying: “The girl was crying when she was being taken away by the motorbike riders, who seemed to be in their 20s.”

The little girl was wearing blue shorts and a red shirt when she left her home.

The missing girl’s mother said that she asked her little daughter to go to her neighbour’s house to call her bother, who was playing there.

Following her mother’s directives, the little girl left her house but shortly afterwards she vanished from the scene.

When Qamarul Islam, one of the relatives of the kidnapped girl was contacted, he said that after failing to find the clue to the missing girl, they have registered a kidnapping case with the Shahzad Town police.

Qamarul Islam said: “Since their loved one had been abducted, no-one has contacted them.

It is maybe because the little ‘Hamail’ does not know the telephone number of her house.”

He made an open plea to the kidnappers: “Please free the little girl — whoever is behind the dastardly act — because she cannot live without her mother. Her mother has not eaten anything since her daughter had been kidnapped.”

Police have registered a case and started a search for the kidnapped girl.

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