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KARACHI: The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Home & Tribal Affairs Department has issued a notice regarding foreigners' visit to the province and their access to certain areas of the region.

The document states that, “… during the visit of all foreigners including Ambassadors, Diplomats/Officials too Malakand Division — comprising the districts of Swat, Dir Upper, Dir Lower, Shangla, Burner, Malakand and Chitral proper foolproof secuty/protection be ensured during their stay.”

The notice goes on futher to state that the visit plan for foreigners be submitted for all people concerned and that all Ambassadors, Diplomats and Officials “rout their requests through the Ministry of Foreign Affarirs” and submit their requests at least 12 working days in advance for security clearance.

In addition the document states that these restrictions and requirements also apply to “All foreigners and Pakistani staff working for Non-Governmental Organisations / International Non-Governmental Organisations.”

The Provincial Government has nominated Mr. Qamar Ali as the Focal Person to co-ordinate all visit programmes.

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