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World Wide Bridge starts from Friday

LAHORE, May 30: Lahore’s top bridge players will compete in the two-day World Wide Bridge Contest, starting from Friday.

The players will play against bridge players from all over the world in the event which will be played in 300 centres around the world.

Around 50 players will take part in the event in Lahore with the father-son combination of Mirza Shauq and Asfandyar taking centre-stage.

Amongst others would be some top players namely Shoaib Bokhari and Izzat Khalil along with the leading woman of the national bridge scene, Fehmina Hussain.

Other celebrated bridge enthusiasts including Muzzafar Bokhari, Suleman Bokhari, Sajjad Bokhari, Sarfraz Butt and Tahira Nasir will also be featuring in the event. The tournament director for Lahore will be Ihsan Qadir.—Sports Reporter

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