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Karachi Police– File Photo

KARACHI: Karachi police on Wednesday claimed that the militant Qari Shahid, who was killed in a police encounter on Muharram 9, was involved in other terrorist attacks including PNS Mehran attack, DawnNews reported.

According to SSP anti-violent crime cell Ghulam Subhani, Sabiha, the widow of Shahid, revealed during investigation that her husband brought four unknown man to her house before the PNS Mehran attack. The men remained there for several days.

Subhani said she told the probing team about her visit to the PAF Museum (which is next to PNS Mehran) before the attack.

However she denied knowing those four men, said Subhani.

Sabiha also confirmed her husband’s involvement in CID building attack in November last year and an attack on Shia mourners in Malir earlier this year.

It is important to mention that CID police had already arrested Mustafa alias Rocketi of Lashkar-i-Blochistan group for the Malir attack.


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