ISLAMABAD, Sept 24: An amendment to the Federal Public Service Commission (Amendment) Act, 2004, passed by the National Assembly on Thursday, has empowered the directorate of the Inter Services Intelligence to fill various posts directly , without going through the Federal Public Service Commission.

The text of the amended bill, released here on Friday, said: "This Act may be called the Federal Public Service Commission (Amendment) Act, 2004.

"It shall come into force at once.

"2. Amendment of Section 7, Ordinance XLV of 1977:- In the Federal Public Service Commission Ordinance, 1977 (XLV of 1977) is Section 7, in Sub-Section (2), after Clause (i), the following new clause shall be inserted, namely :-

"(a) in the Directorate General of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI),"

"STATEMENT OF OBJECTS AND REASONS: According to the Functions of the FPSC, the Commission is responsible for conducting test and examinations for recruitment of persons to All Pakistan Services, the civil services of the Federation and civil posts in connection with the affairs of the Federation in basic pay scales 16 and above or equivalent.

"2. However, certain posts in various Ministries / Divisions / Departments, including the posts in Dte Gen of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) were kept out of the purview of the FPSC in view of their special nature of duty and procedure of selection.

These posts were brought within the purview of FPSC in 2000 vide amendment in the Federal Public Service Commission Ordinance, and Federal Public Service Commission (Functions) Rules.

"3. The candidates for the posts of Dte. Gen. ISI pass through a transparent and systematic process comprising written tests, interviews, medical examinations and, in some cases intelligence and psychological tests also.

Security clearance of the selected candidates is carried out by the vetting agency of the Dte. Gen. ISI keeping in view the standards and peculiar requirements in accordance with the mandate of the Dte. Gen. ISI.

A panel of highly qualified senior officers select the candidates keeping in view the sensitive nature of jobs to be assigned / performed, and the candidates are tested / interviewed with particular emphasis on their potential, trends, zeal, devotion, dedication and psychological suitability required for the job.

It is, therefore, in the larger interest of the country to make the recruitment of the posts of Dte. Gen. ISI by the department itself instead of FPSC. The above amendment in the FPSC Ordinance 1977 has been made with these object and reasons." -APP

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