Lyari chaos: a solution

THE ongoing Lyari unrest has affected the whole country, and all the institutions are blaming each other for not being able to control or even handle the worsening situation.

I will propose that all the political parties should nominate one of their senior and respected persons and thus a team or an all-parties delegation should visit the troubled area at the earliest.

They should hold discussions with the notables and elders of the suffering citizens and find out the ways to restore peace and tranquillity to the area.

It would be advisable that none of the provincial government officials or the law-enforcement agencies is included in the delegation to allow for an entirely frank and free discussion.


Street crimes

THIS is apropos of the letter ‘Cellphone snatching’ (Aug 28). The menace of snatching of cellphones and valuables on streets of Karachi during the day or the night at traffic signals, pavements, parks, parking lots or at any other place is rampant. It has become so common that residents of this city are now accustomed to it.

House burglaries, bank robberies, etc., are no exception. A full-fledged campaign is required for the entire nation to safeguard our lives and property and eliminate the epidemic of ‘crime’ from our country.

I strongly suggest a few points for the police, the CPLC and the public at large.

Law-enforcement agencies should conduct ‘civil defence clinics’ to give awareness to citizens on how to rescue themselves when attacked by a criminal. During these clinics, citizens should be told what tactics criminals use and what defensive measures a victim should take against the criminals.

The government can issue training enrolments or identity card to citizens with nominal fee to attend the training and after successful completion a certificate be issued.

The top officials of the CPLC can observe the sessions and provide useful tips. Also, they can listen to thousands of grievances which many victims don’t report or speak about.

The public should wake up and nip the evil in the bud before it destroys our society permanently. We cannot ignore and let go such heinous criminals on the streets and victimise innocent citizens.


Concrete measures needed

EXTREMISM and terrorism have been haunting us for a decade but our leaders are busy arranging all-party conferences, which are of no use.

Karachi has been bleeding for a long time but except for some emotionalism displayed by some of the leaders and ministers nothing concrete is done.

Developing a consensus is a good step, but what Pakistan needs is urgent action. Leaders have been voted in to take tough decisions and make the law and order situation better. Therefore, they should do it as soon as possible.


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ali ahmed
Sep 05, 2013 08:46am

Where is Mr.Zulfiqar Mirza? One should get his invaluable comments about the success stories of his "children" in Lyari.