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Of cities and rivers

1.    On which river does the capital of Canada, Vancouver, lie? 2.    Paris, the capital of France, lies on the banks of which river? 3.    This city was founded over 2,000 years ago on seven hills and is also known as the Eternal City. Name it. 4.    Name the city in the Southern Hemisphere that is besides River Swan. 5.    Name the African coastal city that was founded by the Dutch, and is near the Table Mountains. 6.    This city is known for its diamond cutting and polishing industry, and is another European city, besides Venice, which is best explored by cruising on canals. Name it. 7.    On the banks of which river does the Scottish city of Glasgow lie? 8.    Which river flows by Baghdad, the capital of Iraq? 9.    In the South American continent, this desert capital city of Peru is just ten miles from the Pacific Ocean. Name it. 10.    This is an easy one — name the river that flows by Cairo, the city of minarets and ancient wonders.


1.   Fraser 2.   Seine 3. Rome, founded, according to Roman mythology, by Romulus and Remus, and named after Romulus, who became its first king. 4.   Perth, Australia 5.   Cape Town 6.   Amsterdam 7.   Clyde 8.   Tigris 9.   Lima 10. River Nile

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