THIS refers to news contents that continue to appear in your newspaper from time to time in which Wapda is held responsible for loadshedding in the country.

Regrettably, this viewpoint owes itself to a misconception regarding Wapda’s functions, role and mandate.

It may be clarified for sensitisation of your readers that subsequent to introduction of the power sector reforms and unbundling of Wapda’s power wing in 2007, Wapda’s mandate is only limited to the construction of new dams and hydropower projects and operation and maintenance of the existing hydelpower stations.

The rest of the matters relating to power sector including loadshedding do not fall within the ambit of Wapda.

Matters such as thermal power generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, loadshedding, line losses, recovery of electricity bills, payment to the independent power producers (IPPs) and other organisations, etc., are now the responsibilities of public sector corporate entities.

These entities include Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco), Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA), National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC), Power Generation Companies (Gencos) and Power Distribution Companies (Discos).

It is hoped that the above would help clarify confusion on this count.

MUHAMMAD ABID RANA Director, Public Relations Division, WAPDA Wapda House Lahore

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Munawar Hayat
Jun 30, 2013 12:26am

As a quick fix, payment of the theft, given the technical name of "Circular Debt" by the related government employees is a welcome decision,but we must keep in mind that all this money being paid, belongs to the people of Pakistan and it is not governments own money .We should pay this amount, but also punish the criminals (mostly the employees of the power companies) who have stolen this money.If we do not punish these criminals, the theft of electricity, fuel oil and diesel is going to continue and there will be another 500 billion dollars to be paid after a year or so ,that no business of the world can afford to pay.So those responsible for hitting at the economic foundations of Pakistan MUST be brought to justice!!!!