Cyber Attack Targets Australia Spy Headquarters

Hackers traced to a server in China have stolen the floorplans for the new Australia Security Intelligence Organisation, according to a local report. — Reuters Video

Australia's domestic intelligence headquarters.

Despite sophisticated cyber defences, the layout and location of computer networks inside Canberra's spy agency are now reportedly in the hands of hackers.

The cyber attack on one of the construction contractors of the Australia Security Intelligence Organisation building came from a server traced to China, Australian media reported Monday.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr said the attack would not damage Canberra's ties with Biejing.


"It's got absolutely no, no implications for our strategic partnership. We have enormous areas of cooperation with China. I won't comment on whether the Chinese have done what is being alleged or not."

Previous cyber attacks forced late design changes to the $600 million building. China's Foreign Ministry rejected the allegations saying "groundless accusations" would not solve cyber security issues.

Hackers were also reported to have stolen confidential information from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, home to the country's foreign intelligence agency.

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