Shameen Khan

Herald survey: State of the nation

PML-N government is on the way down - and possibly out, public opinion survey carried out across Pakistan finds.

In-depth: Rape in Pakistan

Ruling over women through rape is common, what makes it worse is the state signalling rapists can get away with impunity

The not-so-little drummer boy

Aahad Nayani is the guy to have on the drums when it comes to international gigs ... just ask Strings!

Requiem for a city

A rapacious market for antiques threatens a historic city in Sindh

A song for Lyari

Lyari’s diverse music scene draws influences from political and ethnic transformations that Pakistan has gone through.

On a quest for identity

First in a continuing series exploring the roots shaping Pakistan’s cultural heritage pertaining to performing arts.

Night of the soul: Napa Festival 2013

Despite paddling around in fountainhead of tales of the overly dramatic - No one can tell a story as colourfully as us.

Remembering Bhutto

Photographs of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto collected by Agha Feroz, the Bhutto family’s personal photographer.

Convicts' catharsis

Believing that colours could harness the untamed character in prison, IG Prison instigated a ‘Fine Arts School’ in jails