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Murtaza Haider

Feeding daughters lesser than sons

Recent research from India reveals the role that preference for male offspring plays in the stunted growth of children. Updated Apr 17, 2015 03:46pm

Homelessness in Pakistan and Canada

With over $50,000 in per capita GDP, Canada is a rich economy. Still, on any given night, 35,000 Canadians are homeless. Published Apr 01, 2015 03:22pm

Fanaticism: From Peshawar to Paris

If their agenda is to put a wedge between Muslims and the rest, the Jihadists are doing a pretty fine job. Published Jan 08, 2015 02:10pm

Say hello to iJihad

In the not so distant future, the fight to win over Muslims will move from battle and oil fields to digital domains. Updated Dec 10, 2014 05:57pm