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Did Pakistan cause Afghanistan's lack of economic development?

A look at Afghanistan's economy fare before the foreigners extended their unwelcome reach.

A legible prescription for careless doctors

Illegible handwriting and unclear dosage instructions are the reasons behind mistakes that prove fatal for patients.

Pakistan's need for Civic Education

The population may be 180-million strong, but there are hardly any citizens amongst them.

Yale for free

If your aim is to learn and not just to pursue credentials, you are in luck.

Reigniting the Cold War in Euromaidan

What started as a tug-of-war, now has the potential of pitching the world’s largest military powers against each other.

"Pakistani Taliban, adopt ballots not bullets!"

The Taliban should listen to religious scholars, especially in India, who are urging Muslims to embrace ballots.

Think tanks and thought buckets

One would rather have ‘do tanks’ comprising doers, and not just thinkers, to bring change that eludes us.

A network of networks needed for Planning Commission

Pakistani economists assume that we need one Planning Commission to look after the entire nation. Here lies the problem.

The continued abuse of the Pashtun woman

A prudent move for Pakistan to confront terrorism: Protect mothers so that they can raise tolerant sons.

What matters more: Education or Cricket?

There are five million reasons for Nawaz Sharif and Najam Sethi to ignore cricket and focus on illiteracy in Pakistan.

Victims missing from the dialogue table

Peace talks conducted by men who have not suffered at the hands of the Taliban does not hold a lot of promise.

Moving masses

The recent criticism of the Lahore Bus Rapid Transit system does disservice to this socio-political achievement.

A dialogue with mass murderers

While Shias are being targeted, Sunnis have not fared any better at the hands of the Taliban.

Reviving the economic base of Pakistani cities

It all begins with one concerned citizen and a movement is born as a result.

The year of living violently

It’s not just terrorist violence that puts Pakistan among the most violent places in the world.

Failing to plan the Planning Commission – I

The search for Planning Commission’s chief economist lingers while the premier body continues to plan without planners.

The persistent poverty among Muslims in urban India

The challenge now is to spread the benefits of growth evenly over the diverse Indian socio-cultural and economic fabric.

PM’s scheme: The lost distinction between loan and investment

While the Youth Business Loan Scheme appears to be well-intentioned, will the nation end up with billions in toxic debt?

Searching for their sons

The way to resolve the missing persons’ crisis in Pakistan is to address the judicial loopholes.

Is Netanyahu the new Ahmadinejad?

Benjamin Netanyahu’s fall from grace shows how quickly the pendulum may swing in the other direction.


Afghan election and beyond

Education guidelines

The CAR is crashing

An unequal battle


Life without dignity

One-way ‘talks’

Parveen Rehman case

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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