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Talking points: The most pernicious ban imposed in Pakistan

Which ban imposed in Pakistan has the most pernicious effects?

Herald Exclusive: A dash of colour

Keeping the flame of art alive in Balochistan

Slumlords of the sea

How an ancient fishing village is sinking under piles of rubbish.

The best (alternative) capital for present-day Pakistan?

Was Islamabad the best choice of federal capital at the time — were we to revisit the idea, would we choose differently?

Requiem for a city: Shikarpur photo gallery

Requiem for a city

A rapacious market for antiques threatens a historic city in Sindh

Herald | Talking points: The most landmark court case in Pakistan

Musharraf's trial is one of the many important political cases in the country's history.

One drink too many

Badli has seen no change even after a large number of deaths by drinking

What was the most iconic speech given in Pakistan?

Herald | Talking points: What was the most iconic speech given in Pakistan and why?

Herald: Person of the Year

Imran Khan, Herald Person of the Year 2013. — Photo by Mobeen Ansari The year began with a promise: Naya...

Subject(ive) choice

The earliest formal establishment of higher learning was perhaps the Academy, founded in roughly 387 BC by Plato in...

Herald - Political Barometer

Methodology While surveys conducted in Pakistan have focused on issues such as anti-American sentiments or opinions...

Herald - Political Barometer

Civil-Military relations After directly ruling Pakistan four times, the military has receded to the background and...

Herald - Political Barometer

Corruption Corruption may be the most pronounced reality in Pakistan today, but it is in no way a new or recent...

Herald - Political Barometer

Election and electoral reforms Prior to an election, three questions about the electoral process are of critical...

Herald - Political Barometer

Security In present times, Pakistanis perceive their lives increasingly at risk. This pervading sense of insecurity...

Herald - Political Barometer

Foreign Policy The next constitutionally elected government, with its ever more legitimate mandate to govern, is...

Herald - Political Barometer

Governance Central to the multifarious crises being faced by Pakistan today is the issue of governance, the failure...

Herald - Political Barometer

Media Simplistically speaking, mass media is generated on the basis of public perception. In Pakistan, the national...

Herald - Political Barometer

Performing Arts While laments about a shrinking space for the performing arts since the 1980s are often heard among...

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014

Madressah reform difficulty

End of a crisis

The dissension within

Universities’ challenge


More than money needed

Measuring poverty

Lure of the blue passport

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