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Rupee slips against dollar

The dollar rose by 135-paisa in interbank dealings and by 100-paisa in the open market last week

Bank deposits dip

The highest amount of funds — Rs137.26bn — were realised from 12-month Treasury bills during the latest auction last

External account trends

The current account deficit remained flat on a quarterly basis, while the capital account surplus boosted reserves in

How To ...

Email is one of the biggest productivity challenges that executives face. Sorting through the daily barrage consumes a

High performers are covertly victimised

In a study set in a Midwestern field office of a US financial services firm, high-performing employees were more...

Are you future oriented?

The structure of the language spoken by a company’s top team affects the firm’s planning for the future,...

Mortgage-interest deduction

The average house size in the Washington, DC, area, is about 1,400 square feet larger than it would have been if the...

Most US visas go to investors from China

More than 80pc of last year’s special US visas for immigrant entrepreneurs were issued to people from China, up...

The price of popularity: lower ratings

In the two years after books win splashy awards such as the Man Booker Prize, their average ratings on

World commodities

In the Singapore market, Brent crude edged towards $109/barrel on April 16, coming off a six week high as mixed Chinese

Advice: Doing the needful

I am a 27-year-old young man and I belong to a poor family living in a small town in Sindh. I am the only person in my

Artichive: The Pre-Raphaelites

Combining rebellion, beauty, scientific precision and imaginative grandeur, the Pre-Raphaelites constitute Britain’s

Dollar dips below Rs97

The rupee is at its strongest level against the dollar since December 2012, and has appreciated 8.6pc over the

Money Market: Approved foreign exchange up

Balances held outside Pakistan in approved foreign exchange increased by 16.4pc to Rs378.68bn by March 28

Eurobonds sale and their impact

With the healthy inflow from the Eurobond in the bag, the probability of a discount rate cut of 50bps has increased, as

Could you come up with $2,000 in 30 days?

A substantial fraction of seemingly middle-class Americans are ‘financially fragile’ in the sense that they’d...

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Boost performance by managing mindfullyMindfulness is the process of actively noticing new things. Paying attention...

Founding a hardware startup is getting easier

Only 3pc of US venture-capital investment was for hardware startups last year, but that represents a big increase...

Belief that can make you cruel

People’s wish to see the world as just and orderly sometimes leads them to harm those who have already suffered...

Fear of a brand makes you more attached to it

People who were scared by clips from the movies ‘The Ring’ and ‘Salem’s Lot’ felt more emotionally ...


A state of anarchy

Rape and restitution

Bard for our times

Bridging the abyss


Militant groups in Punjab

Railways: debatable priorities

Surge in Karachi violence

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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