Rina Saeed Khan

Saving the Earth

Deforestation is disturbing the ecological balance and pushing a number of animal species to the verge of extinction.

Earthly matters: Putting people last

There has been no improvement in our economic and human development indicators last year, nor in the past eight years.

A flood of wrong moves

Why different government departments weren't prepared this year, is the question on everyone’s mind.

Earthly matters: A global warning

Dilly-dallying with solutions to global warming will only lead to high mitigation costs as damage by green house gases

No room at the top

Discarded climbing gear and human waste threatens the sanctity of the Karakoram

Houbara Bustard: Seasonal killers

It seems the government has finally woken up to the hunting of the endangered bird, but will it keep its word?

Rescuing the high seas

The country needs a marine protected area to safeguard not only whale shark but also other endangered species that visit

Feature: Death ships and dead seas

Not only marine life but the livelihood of fishermen is in danger due to overfishing by deep sea trawlers.

Earthly matters: Branching out

If government officials take the time to leaf through this book, it would be a step towards a greener Pakistan

Going hungry

Seven years in the making, a new report on climate change warns of food crises, global destabilisation.

Survival of the most informed

With climate change a reality, communications systems have to be built to keep the people informed.

A preventable tragedy

As global average temperatures rise, scientific models indicate that human society will suffer increased ...