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Why the PTI could not do what the AAP has

Are the voters in India more responsive to change than the ones in Pakistan?

Will Prime Minister Modi make peace with Pakistan?

One can be sure that however ignitable the BJP may be, it understands exactly what fire can and cannot do.

Census and consensus

THE prime minister recently announced that the population census will be held this year. The last population census...

A whole lot of Dhoom about nothing

More astounding than the politicians are their supporters, who do not bother about the falsehood of political discourse.

Out to muzzle the verdict

IN the latest twist to the ongoing saga of local government elections, the provincial governments are refusing to...

You are either with Abdul Qader Mullah or against him!

The hanging of a leader of Bangladesh’s banned Jamaat-e-Islami appears to be a political myopia.

The reluctant democrats

THE Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is cracking under pressure; the scale of the task of organising local...

The Afghan dream

The year must be 2015 or later as everyone referred to the foreign forces in the past tense.

Why the Taliban won’t succeed in Afghanistan now

History does not repeat itself. If ever it looks like it’s stuck in a rut and moving in circles, do take a closer.

Hanging in shame: Pedophilia, masculinity and the media

The most strongly held yet highly erroneous perception is that ‘an exemplary punishment’ deters prospective criminals.

Imran and Obama: Democracy’s bitter tale of betrayal

Billions are invested in election campaigns to inject notions of hope. There is a global pattern to this disappointment.

In Focus: Why does the US want to attack Syria?

Why would a country facing grave economic crises at home, be hell bent on inviting more trouble abroad?

Honor killing in polling stations

"It all happened right in front of everyone's eyes, yet nobody dared to stop the murderer."

The invisible partition of Sindh

How could the two types of Sindhis, Indian and Pakistani, stand at two such extreme poles?

The evolution of the mosque

The only function of the minaret was to elevate the moazin but loudspeakers have made them unnecessary.

Sixty-six shades of green

It's misleading, even dangerous, that romanticisation of liberalism is mistaken as an alternative ideology in Pakistan.

Four reasons why PTI could not change our political culture

What is disappointing for me is that the PTI is not only the change it had promised to be, it isn't any change at all.

Herald Exclusive: Stamp of authority

Sadly, the main ECP strategy to address practical problems is to brush them under the carpet and refuse information.

Can sympathy swing votes?

No voters are overtaken by their emotions when casting votes. Stay calm. The election game remains as it was earlier.

The Epilogue

The Epilogue [protected-iframe id="1d077f2f03bbfa052596335b377179af-32060626-33054502"...


Afghan election and beyond

Education guidelines

The CAR is crashing

An unequal battle


Life without dignity

One-way ‘talks’

Parveen Rehman case

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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