Stories for: Anjum Niaz

Long live the ‘queen’

Winding hills and soggy mists anyplace in America prompt you to reflexively exclaim: “This is just like Murree!”

Requiem for the living

When Zardari replaced Musharraf, it was a double whammy for the 180 million Pakistanis. Instead of leading the...

Harry Potter in Taliban land

Success is the name of this formula: To kick adversity, the best way forward is a kick in the teeth. Now, don’t...

Flashback: Do men really hate women?

Are men misogynists? The answer is not a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ Betty Friedan was perhaps the first feminist...

Males and their mea culpa

In America, breaking news is often about immoral indiscretions of male politicians rushing to apologise. These...

Oh brother!

Is it happenstance or destiny, that brothers of two most spirited spokesmen of N-League have hit a jackpot at PIA?...

The pir in the palace

It would be of general public interest, especially the tax-payers, to know if a resident pir lives in the Prime...

View from US: Let’s talk cricket

The best hope for cricket is to control the patron. He is the problem, not the chairman he cherry picks. Unlucky for...

View from US: You’re neither special nor exceptional

Movers and shakers of the world are not icons of greatness. These demagogues are mere mortals, neither special nor...

View from US: History hyped

The word ‘historic’ is Pakistani media’s post-elections new hype. It’s been elevated to a gala event ...

View from US: Jaywalkers of political kind

There are a few who write columns to vent their frustrations against a political party they have left. There are...

View from US: Altaf bhai in Clifton

Altaf Hussain’s Teen Talwar address by now gone viral for the veiled threats it contained reminds me of another...

Dateline Islamabad: Voila! a plan in seven days

Aping-pong match played years back now enters its final round. Today we should know the winner as a new government...

The art of the possible

.K Rowling reigns supreme as the creator of Harry Potter, the boy with a magic wand. She is perhaps the first author...

Naya Pakistan, how?

At the seat of government on May 12, 2013, Islamabad witnessed benevolent skies, power washed roads, bathed afresh...

Change unbound

Make no mistake change is already here. You can feel it on the roads, at social events, fashion shows, in branded...

Battle for Takht-i-Islamabad

It’s politically incorrect to ask the effete elites who they will vote for. You can get a shut-up call from them....

Bold and the beautiful

A thing of beauty is a joy forever Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness… Such the sun, ...

The 20-watt fountain of energy

“Many of us fear death. We believe in death because we have been told we will die. We associate ourselves with the body, and we know that bodies die.

Catching business barracudas

Think and then answer: has the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) the capacity to scan around 15,000 poll contenders in 15 days?


Relief for terror victims

Learning curve

Nuclear normalcy

Train to Pakistan: 2014


ISI and media infighting

MQM in government again

Men planning families

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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