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Humsaaya: Our young generations and us

It doesn't matter what caused the split; we've raised a wall between ourselves since then and live on different sides.

Those who deny women

Ignorance is being promoted with immense diligence in Pakistan, while the gates of learning are closing down one by one.

The din of our apathy

All our attempts to control ourselves during Ramazan start failing almost on the very first day of the holy month.

The month of blessings

“People can now make amends without the pain of shame. An SMS or Facebook post can easily wash off all your sins.”

The Sindh of Mirs, Pirs and Syeds

As entire clans have been born to rule, the same house is represented in both the government and the opposition.

Pakistan Budget: The bitter pill

This pill is given to the masses with the reproach that swallowing it is their fate whether they like it or not.

Takht Lahore and its sense of deprivation

It would be better if the country were being managed from Lahore instead of bothering Islamabad every now and then.

Labyrinths of power and the fun times in exile

Everyone in exile for the last five years returned expecting they’ll finally enter the labyrinths of power this time.

The Season of Subtraction

They must get as near to the living corpse as possible anyhow so they can gnaw as much flesh as possible off it.

Failure and victory

They are subduing their happiness towards their victory and are instead just yelling about their failure.

Karachi's Mandate

The people of Pakistan have spoken. If this election hasn’t brought change; at least the journey towards it has begun.

Karachi’s mandate

The people of Pakistan have spoken. And if this election hasn’t brought change; at least the journey towards it has begun.

Let the games begin

After May 11th a new era of reconciliation and division shall begin where there will be more stakeholders than before.

The Cricket Bat, Tiger and other symbols

Time for Sher-e-Punjab to move from one palace into another, the Cricket Bat has turned up to interfere with his plans.

The power of the vote

Why should they tell you any of their plans? When they get elected, they won't bring the moon and stars down for you.

Murtaza Razvi, my friend

In a country ruled by darkness, writers such as Murtaza are like a lit lamp that shines through the obscurity – even storms cannot extinguish them.

The free and the fair

The ‘face of the judiciary’ now faces the world without a mask. Are we prepared to see what they will show us?

April 4th is here again

At least a week in advance, the city is decorated with billboards that feature pictures of the public’s blind and deaf representatives whose faces keep getting bigger than Bhutto and Benazir’s pictures.

The emperor’s new uniform

If Facebook fans don’t come to receive their leaders at the airport, why would they come to vote for them?

How the land gradually devoured the sky

The sons of the city of lights, who were once armed with a school curriculum now cradle arms, plunging this city into darkness.

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014

Madressah reform difficulty

End of a crisis

The dissension within

Universities’ challenge


More than money needed

Measuring poverty

Lure of the blue passport

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