23 October, 2014 / 27 Zilhaj, 1435

Muhammad Amir Rana

Realignment of militants

It appears as if the militant landscape of Pakistan is going to become more complex.

The social contract debate

Various religious agendas are competing with the state’s social contract with its people.

Obligations and risks

It is tragic that many of our journalists find unprofessional ways to report even routine events.

New formations

Islamist militant organisations across the world are undergoing change.

Dilemma of Barelvi politics

Qadri’s dilemma is how to capitalise on the religious and political support base he has developed.

Fixing a conventional problem

Most militant groups in Pakistan operate underground, but some are quite visible through their welfare wings.

The tale of HuJI

The story of Qari Saifullah explains much about the features of militancy in Pakistan.

ISIS’s cascading effect

As Pakistani militants do not operate in isolation, it is natural for them to draw inspiration from ISIS.

The continuing threat

The militants can overcome their differences, restructure their cadres and reorganise their networks.

Threat to Sino-Pak friendship

THE issue of terrorism remains at the heart of the world’s diplomatic, economic and strategic engagement with...

Exploring extremism

INCREASING intolerance and the growing incidence of violent behaviour in Pakistani society require a review of the...

The sectarian divide

THE sectarian divide is widening and intensifying in Pakistan. It is not only shaping trends and behaviours but also...

Madressah reform difficulty

MADRESSAH administration elites are sensitive to the idea of reform in their education system. No government here ...

The state’s lost narrative

THE debate on extremism often gets muddled when it comes to the issue of narrative. A segment of Pakistani society...

A narrow vision

THE recent announcement of the internal security policy is an important development. It is perhaps for the first ...

Learning strategies

A TRANSNATIONAL approach, flexible operational frameworks and interagency collaboration between traditional law...