Dawn News

March, 30 2015


Deserving winners

It can be said the contest for the world cricket crown lasted but only five deliveries. Published Mar 30, 2015 03:00am

Yemen conundrum

Saudi government is using public statements and media leaks to put pressure on Pakistan. Updated Mar 30, 2015 03:23am

Applause for economy

Three major institutional voices have each pointed out that the economy is on the mend. Published Mar 30, 2015 03:00am

Murky waters

WHEN a secretly recorded conversation between a national politician and one of his advisers is leaked to the media... Published Mar 29, 2015 06:45am

Moon-sighting consensus

IN Pakistan, even occasions of joy can end up being marred by controversy. Take the celebration of Eidul Fitr, for... Published Mar 29, 2015 06:45am

LNG confusion persists

THE first-ever consignment of LNG arrived in the country to far less than the fanfare that one would have expected.... Published Mar 29, 2015 06:45am

Circular debt again

For a lasting fix to the problem of mismanagement, the role of the bureaucracy needs to be reduced dramatically. Updated Mar 28, 2015 03:31am

Forgotten war

The military is seeking to return to the pre-insurgency status quo of the FCR, collective punishment and the jirga. Updated Mar 28, 2015 02:43am

Minimum wage

The last labour force survey was conducted two years ago, and the process has become irregular. Updated Mar 28, 2015 03:48am

Karachi operation

Using the cover of a mainstream political party to perpetrate crimes deserves the strongest possible lawful response. Updated Mar 27, 2015 06:56am

Ayyan’s assets

Customs intelligence should ask for assistance from the FIA, which has more expertise in dealing with money laundering. Updated Mar 27, 2015 07:06am

Yemeni conflict expands

Getting involved in what is essentially an internal conflict is unwise. Updated Mar 27, 2015 07:01am

Misbah hits out

Pakistanis must now show generosity even if some are a little perturbed by some of the reactions by the outgoing captain Updated Mar 26, 2015 02:41am

LNG muddle

The project has been struck by delays for a decade now, from court challenges to the inability of the previous govt. Updated Mar 26, 2015 02:28am

Replacing NAB

The federal government has taken to parliament once again the issue of replacing the National Accountability Bureau. Updated Mar 26, 2015 01:56am

China bank

The United States is alone in cautioning that the China-led initiative threatens to undermine the World Bank. Updated Mar 25, 2015 02:04am

Blocking channels?

Censorship in the name of regulating the media is the oldest of political tricks. Updated Mar 25, 2015 02:14am

Aug 11 speech in textbooks

The decision by the Sindh government to include the speech in its entirety in the school curriculum is a laudable one. Updated Mar 25, 2015 01:59am

The madressah problem

The govt does not appear to have decided which ministry should take the lead in dealing with the madressah networks. Updated Mar 24, 2015 09:30am

State Bank’s optimism

It would be better if future pronouncements by the bank did not read like a press release from the finance ministry. Published Mar 24, 2015 06:36am