03 September, 2014 / Ziqa'ad 7, 1435


Thar drought

THE Thar region is once again in the news for the drought and starvation that are taking their toll on the...

Continuing impunity

THOUGH civil society and all those in Pakistan who favour the rule of law have been campaigning hard for an end to...

Economic impact of street politics

ISLAMABAD may be shut, but Pakistan is open for business. Factories are humming, raw materials are moving freely on...

Army’s questionable decisions

The carefully constructed veneer of neutrality that the army leadership had constructed has been torn apart.

Rock and a hard place

The reason why the police turned their ire on journalists as Islamabad descended into chaos is not hard to understand.

Endangered temple

The white stripe on the national flag designed to represent Pakistan’s numerous minority-religion groups is ignored.

Hard choices for the PML-N

Having survived a tumultuous, disastrous weekend, the govt still has the opportunity to try and salvage the situation

Cricket flop in Sri Lanka

The series proved a sort of watershed for talented youngsters such as Ahmed Shahzad, Khurram Manzoor and Umar Akmal.

Violence must be probed

The shocking, terrible events of Saturday evening need to be urgently investigated to prevent a repeat ahead.

Modi’s PR exercise?

Kashmir is not a piece of real estate, that Islamabad and New Delhi could not alone resolve the dispute.

A disastrous turn of events

Can Nawaz Sharif survive? The answer, in these frantic hours, must surely be a miserable, despondent no.

Ajmal Khan’s release

Much as it is a desperate situation for others held hostage by the militants, Mr Khan’s return is a sign of hope.

Blow to democracy

The army has already re-established for itself a position of political pre-eminence.

Journalists’ murder

More than 30 journalists have reportedly fallen victim to targeted killing in Balochistan over the last five years.

No answers for the displaced

Tribal people have two main questions: when will they be able to return and will the state care for them?

A permanent truce?

The truce deserves to be welcomed, it doesn’t solve the real issue — Israel’s withdrawal from the occupied territories.

Polio vaccination funds

The countrywide polio vaccination and awareness programme will come to a halt if funds are not arranged.

A laudable approach

Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal and Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian met in Jeddah.

Model Town FIR

The PAT lawyers were confronted with the same stalling tactics that were employed to deny the PAT's demand thus far.

Another trying day

The resignation of Premier Sharif would effectively mean the end of the government Pakistan elected just 15 months ago.