A disappointing move by India

But, while interconnected, international relations should not become hostage to domestic concerns.

Death of a star

He was a whirlwind who came out of the distant Himalayan mountains and conquered the world.

Faltering IMF talks

A few leaks suggest the sticking points might be larger than what is being alluded to.

‘Water car’ politics

The outlandish claims were used to build an argument that a short cut exists to resolve all Pakistan’s problems.

PTI’s latest move

Every passing day seems to bring out a new, desperate side of Imran Khan and the PTI leadership.

Cricket whitewash

Sri Lanka’s 2-0 whitewash of the Pakistan cricket team in the recent Test series has left observers dumbfounded.

Inglorious ending

Now, the PML-N will again have some time and space to reshape the political narrative and the national discourse.

A new PM for Iraq

A kind of consensus seems to be developing in the Middle East against mass murderers masquerading as holy warriors.

Right to education denied

The conditions in this district encapsulate the multiple problems that bedevil the education sector.

AGP in trouble

The National Assembly has now decided to activate the removal procedure against the present AGP Akhtar Buland Rana.

An unreasonable demand

THE PTI and Tahirul Qadri have separately played their cards — they have showed the kind of street support they...

Rain-related deaths

Most of the victims died when the walls and roofs of their homes collapsed, while over 80 people were injured.

Supreme Court’s directives

It is also good that the government appears to have recognised that fact too, however belatedly.

Airport health check

While there is no need to be alarmist, should not a case be made for the system to be reinstituted and put to use?

Quetta attacks

As the military operation in North Waziristan continues, it appears the much-dreaded blowback has made a beginning.

PTI’s white paper

The paper is a laudable initiative to build a fact-based critique of the government’s performance.

Editorial: The forgotten war

In part, this is surely because of the spectacle unfolding on TV screens across the country.

Erdogan as president

Perhaps his biggest achievement has been the way he established civilian supremacy by taming the Turkish army.

Tension on Independence Day

Sixty-eight years since the creation of Pakistan, the country will face its umpteenth political crisis today.

Egypt killings

There is good reason to reflect on the carnage Egypt has suffered in its quest for political maturity.