‘Case closed’

While eliminating extremists’ sanctuaries in Fata is vital, the effort to uproot terrorism cannot fully succeed.

Losing power

Despite a year of talk, the facts remain the same. Losses in the power sector are at the same level they were last year.

Obama and Obamacare

While the decision of the House of Representatives to sue President Obama may be unprecedented, it is hardly surprising.

Israel’s brutality in Gaza

Minutes after its artillery had shelled a Gaza school, Israel had the audacity to say, "we don't target civilians".

Filing tax returns

The government has decided to issue taxpayer cards to all return filers starting this year.

Preventable tragedy

It is easy to blame the state, but the public also bears major responsibility for defying rules meant to save lives.

Article 245: questions remain

Everything that flows from the invocation of Article 245 will be questionable and poisoned by illegitimacy.

Lunar matters

In Pakistan, celebrating Eid on different days has become an annual tradition.

Attack on Ahmadis

The latest attack on Ahmadis, in Gujranwala, came complete with the usual features.

Shadow of political instability

Surely, it is no longer enough for the PTI to say that it only wants change and reforms within the Constitution.

Cashing in on Eid

Last year, the amount printed was Rs135bn. The year before it was Rs114bn. This year the amount is more than Rs157bn

Sectarian killings

Promises have lost their purpose because nobody believes them now and because they have not been accompanied by a plan.

An intrepid journalist

IN the death of Majid Nizami, Pakistan has lost a fearless journalist who headed the Nawa-i-Waqt group of newspapers...

Talking trade with India

HAVING missed an opportunity to advance opening trade with India, Pakistan now finds itself dealing with the...

A controversial move

BY now, it has become apparent that neither is the PML-N government particularly good at explaining what it does, ...

Clerics on polio

A gathering of over 100 scholars expressed concern over the issue and demanded accountability of all.

Defamation suit against Imran Khan

Now it is the turn of former chief justice to rail against his opponents — or rather just PTI chief Imran Khan

Manifest barbarity

The case in which a 10-year-old boy’s arms were severed falls within this category of the exceedingly brutal.

Another attempt at Fata reform

Now it is the turn of the PPP to once again renew its commitment to bringing reforms to the tribal areas.

New hope?

The LoC clashes are a bad omen — the last time the talks’ process was halted was because of the trouble along the LoC.