Execution moratorium

Until the death penalty is phased out in Pakistan, a moratorium on capital punishment is the best alternative.

The distrust continues

Pakistan blames Afghanistan. Afghanistan blames Pakistan. Violence on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border continues.

New T20 captain

Appointment of Shahid Afridi as the new T20 skipper has been widely hailed by cricketing circles across the country.

LNG import: some questions

Is the govt thinking of sharply increasing the number of vehicles running on CNG after this decision is implemented?

VIP culture

Taken as a principled stand, it must have felt good even if it wasn’t an earth-shattering victory.

Perilous journeys

The desire to flee violence and persecution, as well as seeking greener pastures, often leads to desperate steps.

Talks, not theatrics

Both the government and its opponents, the PTI and PAT, seem more interested in taking aim at each other.

Left behind as Asia forges ahead

A “complex tapestry of relations” that is being woven in the region ever since India’s new prime minister was elected.

Road show

An automobile show brought together some 500 stately ladies of the mechanical kind at the Expo Centre.

YouTube ban

It’s been two years since the ban, and everyone seems to have forgotten.

Dangerous possibilities

In certain national security circles, the renunciation of violence by Punjabi Taliban will be greeted with satisfaction.

A US-led coalition

An America-led coalition to take on the Islamic State (IS) is now a reality.

Protesting teachers

The participants include those inducted to teachers’ posts by the Sindh government’s previous education minister.

Polio emergency

Millions upon millions have been poured into the initiative and in much of the world, the virus has been eradicated.

Disaster compounded

Large parts of the country stand inundated. And yet again, disaster management authorities have been caught napping.

A perilous path

Tracing the origins of the problem suggests that the military is either in denial or is unable to do much about it.

CNG racket

The use of natural gas, a vehicular fuel, has turned into a racket from which there seems to be no extrication.

More sectarian targets

THE spectre of sectarian killing continues to haunt Karachi.

The crisis after military action

AS Operation Zarb-i-Azb in North Waziristan enters its fourth month, has army chief Gen Raheel Sharif hinted that ...