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Regional proxies

GEN Raheel Sharif has warned that the “contours of future wars” in the region are changing, presumably referring... Published Jun 26, 2016 04:08am

PTI chief’s threat

IMRAN Khan has once again threatened to take to the streets. The reason this time, he says, is the government’s... Published Jun 26, 2016 04:08am

Torture by the state

CALL it ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’, as the Americans have notoriously done, or gloss over it entirely,... Published Jun 26, 2016 04:08am

DG ISPR’s grievance

There is a need to consider the basis of the outside world’s concerns regarding Pakistan. Updated Jun 25, 2016 07:28am

The great unravelling

Europe has been the beacon of cooperative values and inclusive politics for more than half a century. Updated Jun 25, 2016 11:25am

Radio Pakistan, Karachi

Radio Pakistan’s old building should be restored to its former glory. Updated Jun 25, 2016 07:27am

Sabri’s murder

Police are still trying to establish the perpetrators’ identity and their motive. Updated Jun 24, 2016 07:37am

Funds for madressah

The decision to grant the seminary state funds should be revisited as it sets a negative precedent. Updated Jun 24, 2016 07:39am

Tragedy to spectacle

Mainstream media and law enforcement can do much to improve their initial reactions to every such event. Updated Jun 24, 2016 07:38am

Strained foreign ties

Geography is making us prisoner of our fears rather than setting us free to engage and grow. Published Jun 23, 2016 12:16pm

Brazen kidnapping

The police seem to believe that prima facie ransom is not the objective. Published Jun 23, 2016 12:16pm

Snow leopards

There are only an estimated 6,000 snow leopards left in the world. Published Jun 23, 2016 12:16pm

Measuring poverty

Almost 39pc of the country’s population lives in poverty, if we go by the headcount. Published Jun 22, 2016 05:21am

Talk of dividing Sindh

Unless mayoral elections are held forthwith, more divisive rhetoric can be expected in Sindh. Published Jun 22, 2016 05:21am

Refugees in Pakistan

The number of refugees and internally displaced people worldwide reached a record 65.3m at the end of last year. Published Jun 22, 2016 05:21am

Balochistan budget

The provincial budget and its myriad dysfunctions reflect all that ails Balochistan. Published Jun 21, 2016 01:37am

Food safety awareness

To improve food safety in the long run, the provincial and municipal bodies must lead the campaign. Published Jun 21, 2016 01:37am

Bombing Syria

MORE than 50 US State Department officials have come up with a dangerous suggestion to end the brutal Syrian civil... Published Jun 20, 2016 12:41am

Funds and transparency

SECRET funds of government departments — opaque, unaudited, discretionary and historically prone to abuse — has... Published Jun 20, 2016 12:39am