Huma Yusuf

A mixed equation

There are conflicting responses to the ‘arch rival’ in India and Pakistan.

The scourge within

Sectarianism is Pakistan’s greatest security and societal challenge.

Targeting journalists

In Balochistan, even a benign approach to journalism can prove fatal.

Not too big to fail

The default mode of our leaders is to act now, think later.

The LeT threat

Focusing on LeT is not merely a savvy PR move by the US.

A lost generation

Concerns about young IDPs are tied to fears of their being radicalised.

The persecuted

IF nothing else has made Pakistanis awake to their country’s serious predicament, perhaps this will: a country ...

The real victims

The poor are among the worst-affected by terrorism.

The wrong focus

NARENDRA Modi’s recent victory in India was termed by some as a blow to the country’s democracy. The strong...

The impact on education

Closure of schools in Panjgur will give more room to madressahs.

Justice: a lost cause

In Pakistan today, vigilante justice passes for law.

Sectarian monster

With each attack we think we’ve seen the worst but we haven’t.

The dominant actor

By decrying terrorism, TTP has tried to legitimise itself.

A bumpy ride ahead

Pakistanis will continue to distrust Modi.

Beyond clichés

PAKISTAN’S doublespeak on security policies is notorious throughout the world. Last week, the government extended...

Dangerous liaisons

LAST week, the Foreign Office spokesperson caused a stir by questioning the intelligence of legislators critical of...

Delayed yet again

LAST week, the government shelved plans to conduct the long overdue sixth national census. The decision was made to...

Urban battleground

SINCE the killing of Chaudhry Aslam, there’s been growing alarm about the onslaught against Karachi’s police...

A test of governance

IN 2009, India reported 741 polio cases, more than any other country worldwide. Last week, it marked three years...

Art reflects parallels

LONDON’S Tate Britain museum is currently a site of destruction. A thought-provoking exhibition, ‘Art Under...