Stories for: Asha’ar Rehman

Loudness and clarity

SOMETIME back in the 1990s, a visiting journalist from New Zealand climbed the stairs to a newspaper office in ...

Baby of the system

THE mystery of nine-month-old Musa Khan in Lahore ‘getting booked’ by the police provides us with yet another...

Tuesday, April 1

DAZED and exhausted, denied and more than a bit surprised, Pakistanis have just been through one of the most ...

The first question

FIGURES put out by experts do defy our own realities. Walking around in Lahore late morning, among all young faces...

REVIEW: Review of Across the Seas by Sayeed Hasan Khan

The book is a matter-of-fact outline of a life, to the jealous onlooker, lived as close to the full as possible

National hush-up

IN his racy debut novel, The Prisoner, Omer Shahid Hamid provides an insider, fictionalised, account of the workings...

A dog’s life

RAJU was born in a village near Vehari city some six months ago. He has already been initiated in the bloody battle...

Focus on crime

THE relationship between media and the police has forever been of an enigmatic nature. The two routinely work in...

The same old record

THE chief minister is not averse to making claims and these days he is genuinely proud and boasting about the deals...

Uphill for Bilawal

THE recent announcement that Bilawal Bhutto Zardari may visit Punjab next month didn’t quite get the flash...

The Baloch are here

“LAHORE 75 kilometres” read the milestone in the picture, but over the Facebook the professor wryly remarked...

Signs of aloofness

PROMISING. Brilliant. Disappointing. In the span of a few minutes, a select Twitter jury on Prime Minister Nawaz...

At the tail end

THE controversy surrounding world cricket’s shift from Dubai to Mumbai is out of place keeping in mind our...

Surgeons under the knife

Complaints of negligence are routine in the country and they have often enough led to tense, even violent situations.

When death blurs life

WHEN a well-known writer is attacked by two gunmen on a murky evening in Lahore, the immediate wish and prayer is ...

The tussle on board

NOW, some of us were hoping Zaka Ashraf would act sweet and volunteer a ‘no’ to the latest call by the Islamabad...

When an ideologue is popular

FOR someone who has grown up alongside Jamaat-i-Islami, Syed Munawar Hasan appears to personally illustrate the...

Mirrored realities

MUHAMMAD Abid has the ear of dozens of his potential voters each day. Their heads bowed, the number of his listeners...

Indian films still rule

The change has come after a lot of convincing – but the reasons for the present positioning are, as always, economical.

Camel caravan

THE news photo of a mule trying to beat the winter chill with a sweater borrowed from its master. The chimpanzee in...

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014

Judiciary and tolerance

Strains already

Antisocial media

Instant ‘justice’


Scope of suo motu

Another attack on the media

Army security for polio teams

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