Ahmad Fraz Khan

Flood damage in Punjab

The Met office issued an alert on September 1, and this alert was converted into a warning on Sept 3 and floods...

Cotton seed issues

The Federal Seed Certification has neither legal teeth nor human resources to implement BT cotton gene expression

Hell of a day for Lesco

LAHORE: With more than 100 feeders tripping, rain-related problems, hundreds of faulty transformers that needed...

Sharp drop in river water flows

This year, the water situation points to another emerging dimension of the problem; crisis can hit right in the middle

The logic of delayed rice sowing

How the crop behaves in this new time zone, and what benefits come to it because of delayed harvesting needs to be

Elusive food security

Starting with the move towards commercialisation of agriculture after the so-called Green Revolution, food products

Encamped for Qadri’s revolution

To the middle class, which has substantial presence in the crowd, he has a ‘vibrant and practical’ economic agenda.

Early release of wheat stocks

Punjab may soon start releasing wheat from its official stocks and the decision may come within a week or so. The...

Awaiting DAP subsidy

The mode of subsidy has never benefitted the farmers, especially the smaller ones. All that money....

Commercialisation of crops

Farmers are switching over to major crops. According to the central bank report for the third quarter FY14, ...

Power deficit 8,200MW

LAHORE: As the country continued to sizzle at mid-40s Celsius, people faced loadshedding ranging between 14 to 18...

Mystery shrouds 425MW Nandipur plant

NTDC, Pepco officials denied that the plant had contributed power to the system or it was in a position to function.