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DAWN.COM is the #1 English News website from Pakistan updated round the clock with latest and breaking news stories along with exclusive coverage by its editorial staff – an ultimate destination that brings its readers credible, authentic and unbiased content from around the world and trusted for news and information about Pakistan, in particular.

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It has a highly affluent and loyal audience, and offers exclusive reporting and premier content that allows its surfers to follow a story in depth. The site also provides sections written by popular columnists, along with in-depth web exclusives on politics, business, new economy, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle apart from interactive features like interactive photo gallery, video clips and much more.

This offers advertisers an exceptional opportunity to connect to unique audiences otherwise unreachable. Marketers can also reach engaging, active, and tech-savvy consumers by advertising on the DAWN.COM

Audience Profile

We have a highly-valued audience for our highly-valued advertisers.

DAWN.COM readers are mostly educated, affluent and influential.

Our readers from across the country and around the globe are students, travelers, business decision makers, opinion leaders and influential consumers – more so than the typical online user. They need to know up-to-the-minute world news and information to make key decisions about business and life.

Our readers are active and engaged web users, people who come to DAWN.COM for more than just the latest headlines. They update and follow-up with the series of our experts opinion by our columnists, with our editorial experts and with each other.

Here are some quick facts about our highly engaged audience which is derived from Online Survey conducted in July 2008 online on DAWN.COM:

Advertising Opportunities

DAWN.COM is now designed to offer highly result-driven advertising programs to satisfy any consumer need. Our homepage is the gateway to DAWN.COM’s broad range of prime and unmatched news content. Our expanding audience of affluent users turn to DAWN.COM for up–to–the-minute breaking news coverage as well as reports and analyses.

Our innovative advertising options offer premium exposure to a high purchasing-power audience on the internet. We offer content that is highly engaging and relevant to users, giving advertisers the ability to market their brand to a highly targeted audience.

Standard Advertising Units

DAWN.COM gives you the flexibility to create a high-impact advertising campaign with standard and rich media formats that is right for your marketing efforts. This flexibility can be ascertained by combining a variety of advertising units, to help you build a strong advertising campaign that reaches your target markets and objectives with a powerful advertising platform on the web.

Ad types and specifications

All available advertising placements follow the guidelines and best practices of the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

DAWN.COM online units:

Available Units

Homepage & ROS

Dimensions: 468×60 pixels
Maximum File Size: 40k
Rich Media Enabled
IAB Compliant
Homepage and ROS

Dimensions: 120×600 pixels
Maximum File Size: 40k
Rich Media Enabled
IAB Compliant
Homepage and ROS

Medium Rectangle
Dimensions: 300×250 pixels
Maximum File Size: 40k
Rich Media Enabled
IAB Compliant
Homepage and ROS

Dimensions: 120×60 pixels
Maximum File Size: 40k
Static image only
IAB Compliant
Homepage only

Leaderboard 728×90 pixels
Dimensions: 728×90 pixels
Maximum File Size: 40k
IAB Compliant
Email, RSS and Print only

Section Sponsorship

A range of sponsorship packages are available. To find out more please contact the sales team.

Homepage and site Takeover (Roadblocks)

Take-over of varying degrees of the homepage of DAWN.COM is also available. To find out more please contact the sales team.

Creative Formats

We accept creative files in these formats:

  • GIF static image (.gif)
  • GIF animated image (.gif)
  • JPEG image (.jpg)
  • Flash movie (.swf)

Rich Media

We also accept other innovative Rich Media creative as per IAB standard guidelines.
For details on the following creative formats and guidelines, please contact the sales team.
Our Rich Media options include Video, Audio, Flash Creatives and Sponsor Content (see below).


  • Ads must be distinguishable from editorial content.
  • Creatives must have a dark colored border (1 pixel minimum)


  • Advertiser is responsible for all standard banner creative and rich media fees
  • Advertisers are held accountable for all ad content

Sponsor Content

We have a dedicated page on Sponsor Content

We reserve the right to suspend and/or terminate advertising campaigns that do not follow our guidelines. Rates and standards are subject to change without advance notice.

Please notify us of any violation of our interactive advertising standards.

Sales Contact

Haroon House
Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road
Karachi – 74200

All press releases should be sent to our Editorial department. Please call +92 21 111 444 777

For Marketing/Advertising Online enquiries:

Mr. Adeel Khan
Business Development Manager (Dawn.com)
Email: digitalbd@dawn.com

Or contact: advt@dawn.com​