Ardeshir Cowasjee

Lost in the mists of time

The atrocities we have witnessed, and witness today, are in large part due to the fact that religion is very much the business of the state. By Ardeshir Cowasjee

The greening of justice

IN a country where the economic cost of environmental degradation, as determined by the World Bank, has increased from six to more than seven per cent of GDP over the past five years, a most gratifying recent development went unnoticed by many citizens

Winding down

TODAY, we in Pakistan observe the birthday of the man who founded and made Pakistan just over 64 years ago.

Four decades on and where are we?

TWO days ago the nation ‘commemorated’ — or it should have even though to the majority it may have little significance — the 40th anniversary of the signing of the instrument of surrender by the commander of the

Our native lemmings

LEMMINGS are small rodents of the Arctic areas that experience population explosions when food is plentiful.

Humanity’s foot on the accelerator

OVER two years ago, this column commented on UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s ‘Chicken Little’ statement at the 150-country Geneva environmental conference

What makes a regional chaudhry?

SOON after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement earlier this year that America was “betting” on India’s future and sought Indian presence beyond

Not winning, but changing

AS I was recently reminded by a young friend from Lahore, a representative of what has come to be known as civil society which during these past few years

The latter-day hunter-gatherer

FOR hundreds of thousands of years the ancestors of today`s man were hunter-gatherers. They were spread all over Earth and wandered around in mobile family bands, foraging for food as their chief occupation

Pakistanis do not learn from history

“A PHENOMENON noticeable throughout history regardless of place or period is the pursuit by governments of policies...

The judicial environment

LAST weekend, the Balochistan High Court and its bar association organised a two-day Conference on Environmental Law...

Permanence is not an option

WHO was it who said, many moons ago, when asked where he thought Pakistan was going that it would trundle on — and ...

Killing the messengers

WE Pakistanis are determined never to learn from history. Our leaders deem ignorance to be bliss and choose to pay ...

Struck by calamity

THIS follows on from mention in my recent column on Karachi’s rain of the “colossal rain damage in the rural areas ...

Paucity of Pakistan’s politics

PAKISTAN can produce generals of the army who, from time memorial, have held sway over the national scenario,...

‘Rain, rain, go away…’

“IF you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain,” sang Dolly Parton. But that was before the days of...

Mediaeval-minded presidents

THE expert in understanding the wiles and ways of the truly accidental co-chairman of the party of the people who...

They do protest too much

IN Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet, the eponymous hero’s mother, the Queen, ironically remarks about a character in a...

Hope springs eternal

OCCASIONALLY, just occasionally, there is a glimmer of hope. Not for the immediate present, nor even for the near...