Zubeida Mustafa

The veil face-off

There’s no religious consensus on the niqab.

Our own insecurity

It is difficult for people to escape religiosity.

No standards set

THE health sector should be of concern to all — even to those who go to the best private medical practitioners....

A cry for help

WITH the Pakistan Army’s attack on the militants in North Waziristan, a human tragedy of gargantuan proportions ...

O the rankings again

THE Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings released last week offers some food for thought — that...

Human side of jobs

A MAJOR challenge faced by Pakistan’s economy today is one of providing opportunities for income generation to the...

Education myths

IT is budget time in Pakistan and one issue of special concern to the people is the attention that the education...

Polio emergency

The need is to reassess our approach to preventive medicine.

Fear, pride and folly

Nuclear priorities have not allowed us to focus on the people.

Motivating the teacher

Challenges can be expected for a new teachers training centre.

Dance away the war

Dance can convey the message of peace in these tense times.

Clash of the titans

The need of the hour is to protect journalists.

Book, not Facebook

Pakistan’s tragedy is that its leaders were not interested in books.

Bridging the abyss

Inclusive activities are key to integrating the blind.

An unequal battle

Data shows the horrific extent to which laws are violated.

In a diseased state

The new PMDC may play an efficient regulatory role.

The human touch

Poverty is no longer the face of despair in Khairo Dero.

Rethinking the medium

Our ill-conceived language policies have divided society.

One year ago …

ON Thursday, March 13, it will be exactly a year to the day when a brutal killer snatched away from us a gentle,...