Zahid Hussain

Beyond the politics of rallies

Lofty promises appeal to a frustrated populace; the danger is such pledges raise expectations that cannot be fulfilled.

Can the PPP rise again?

The PPP leadership seems frozen in time, and the party appears to be losing even its traditional support base.

Trial and tribulation

Is the MQM finally losing its unchallenged political supremacy over the country’s biggest city?

A flawed political transition

Political discord in Afghanistan could make it difficult for promises of aid to materialise.

Competing for jihadi space

The so-called Islamic State has links with various TTP factions and other Pakistani militant groups.

The real battle

The centre of gravity of political power is being shifted to GHQ.

Theatre of the absurd

It is now a game of nerves and a battle of marches as the prime minister’s supporters too are taking to the streets.

The last episode

The support of parliament is still the biggest strength for the prime minister provided he wakes up from his slumber.

Running out of options

Will the prime minister sail through the storm or be swept away by the tide?

No winner in the game

An absentee prime minister and a sulking interior minister do not evoke much public faith.

A part-time leader

As a leader, the absent Nawaz Sharif is expected to focus on the job for which he was elected.

How the deal was done

Musharraf failed to realise the shifting power matrix that came with the shedding of his uniform and the 2008 elections.

ISIS is no Taliban

The goal of ISIS is to extend its rule over the entire Muslim world.

Blocking the revolving door

Cooperation between Afghanistan and Pakistan is imperative for the success of the North Waziristan operation.

The Qadri factor

One wonders if Qadri is just a maverick or a cog in a wider power play.

Reclaiming North Waziristan

The latest military campaign is far more complex than any other undertaken by the security forces so far.

Inaction or capitulation?

The Karachi airport attack once again exposed the vulnerability of our security system.

Afghanistan: a messy endgame

SHORT of declaring victory the Obama administration has announced it is ready to ‘turn the page’ on America’s...

Revenge as strategy

IT is fighting season once again in North Waziristan, with air force jets and helicopter gunships pounding suspected...