Zahid Hussain

The Taliban tightrope

Mullah Mansour’s death has further exposed the confusion in Pakistan’s Afghan policy. Published May 25, 2016 04:13am

What’s next for Nawaz Sharif?

Political gamesmanship in the National Assembly has further deepened the political crisis. Published May 18, 2016 01:34am

Murders most gruesome

Law-enforcement agencies are not expected to resort to the same methods as criminals and terrorists. Published May 11, 2016 05:07am

Line in the sand

With the Panama scandal still unfolding, one is not sure how far this grouping of disparate political forces can go. Published May 04, 2016 06:10am

Fighting the Chotoo gang

There are many badlands across the country where the authority of the state is non-existent. Published Apr 20, 2016 02:14am

Probing ‘Panamagate’

What the Panama Papers really depict is the corruption of our political system. Published Apr 13, 2016 02:14am

Power and greed

The Panama leaks provide just a glimpse of the money that has been taken out of the country. Updated Apr 06, 2016 09:10am

A nation under siege

Sunday’s incidents laid bare the government’s patchy and lacklustre response to violent extremism. Updated Mar 30, 2016 09:25am

The Musharraf episode

For the PM, allowing Musharraf to leave the country was, perhaps, a necessary accommodation with the army. Updated Mar 23, 2016 08:25am

MQM: the battle within

Despite all the pressures and problems, the MQM’s vote bank has largely remained intact. Published Mar 16, 2016 01:19am

The state and justice

It was essentially the weakness of the state that allowed zealots to turn a murderer into a saint. Published Mar 09, 2016 02:32am

Talking the Afghan talks

It is apparent that the Taliban are not willing to join the talks without some preconditions being met. Published Mar 02, 2016 01:23am

The law of forgiveness

The issue is bigger than ‘honour’ killing; it is the law of forgiveness that protects the killers. Published Feb 24, 2016 06:53am

Light years away

One hopes that the celebration of Dr Mavalvala’s feat is not just a fleeting moment. Published Feb 17, 2016 01:35am

Above the law

Maulana Abdul Aziz’s sudden display of magnanimity is not hard to understand. Published Feb 10, 2016 01:08am

Crime and politics

It is important to expose Uzair Baloch’s political patrons. Updated Feb 03, 2016 08:18am

The general’s retirement

It is expected from a professional soldier to bow out gracefully rather than seek to prolong his tenure. Updated Jan 27, 2016 08:02am

The demon we created

Many believe that the Pathankot raid and the alleged involvement of JeM may constitute a tipping point. Updated Jan 20, 2016 07:41am

State and non-state actors

It is not just cross-border involvement but also the activities of banned outfits at home that raises questions. Published Jan 13, 2016 07:18am