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Anusha Rehman misses YouTube hearing again

The court has now ordered to meet again on Thursday, 13th March for the 19th hearing.

Whatsapp servers down 3 days after $19B Landmark deal

Instant messaging service Whatsapp server has been down since 22nd Feb 1:38pm EST.

Inspect-a-gadget: Samsung Galaxy Note 3

If you are looking for a phone with a bigger display than the more common 5-inch screen, the Note 3 is your best bet.

Inspect-a-Gadget: Nokia Lumia 925

Without breaking any technological barriers, the look and feel of the device has been completely overhauled.

Inspect-a-gadget: HP ENVY TouchSmart 15

The HP ENVY 15 delivers a Big Bang for the buck even if it does take a few moves from Apple's playbook.

Inspect-a-gadget: Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Not many camera phones can do what Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom is equipped for, when it comes to taking pictures.

Inspect-a-gadget: Asus Fonepad

The Fonepad boasts a low-power consuming Intel Atom processor with a massive battery and full 3G-phone functionality.

Inspect-a-gadget: Samsung Galaxy S4

The S4 is definitely among the top 3 phones available in the world today and no one will argue otherwise.

Sony Press Conference Highlights

Video game streaming service, 12GB PlayStation 3, Cheaper PS Vita, Exclusive titles and 180 titles much more revealed

Microsoft Press Conference Highlights

Sealing the deal with a widely-popular franchise like FIFA can be seen as a substantial blow to arch rivals Sony.

99% of Android apps vulnerable to attackers without breaking signatures

"A hacker can exploit the vulnerability for anything from data theft to creation of a mobile botnet,": Bluebox

Inspect-a-gadget: LaCie Rugged Hard Drive Triple USB 3.0

LaCie’s Rugged drive is secure, reliable and perfectly suited for travelers' backpacks.

Intel 4th Generation Core Launch

Intel Corporation launched the 4th generation Intel® Core vPro ™ processor family, formerly codenamed “Haswell,”

Warid Telecom up for sale: sources

Pakistan mobile operator Warid Telecom has been put up for sale by its Abu Dhabi owners.

Inspect-a-Gadget: Acer Iconia W510

It should deliver more in terms of image quality, performance or usability for the price tag it carries.

Inspect-a-Gadget: Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

A big bang for the buck; apart from a few drawbacks, this phone is great

Spectrum auction of new-gen telecom licences within coming months: Anusha Rehman

PML-N is committed to swiftly execute spectrum auction of new generation telecom licenses,(3G/4G/LTE) in coming months.

Facebook takes down pages condoning violence against women

Facebook now considers any content promoting domestic violence and rape as hate speech.

Review: Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos

A big bang for the buck; apart from a few drawbacks, this phone is great

First Look: Acer Iconia W510

The Acer Iconia W510 tablet runs full Windows 8 and looks great initial­ly, but there is a flip side.


A state of anarchy

Rape and restitution

Bard for our times

Bridging the abyss


Militant groups in Punjab

Railways: debatable priorities

Surge in Karachi violence

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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