Nadeem F. Paracha

Maula Jatt: the secret history

The biggest box-office attraction of '80s, Maula Jatt wasn’t just a great movie; it also helped keep the industry alive.

Dude, where's your positivity?

We have, in our midst, the most preachy generation that has no clue that they are a negation of what they preach: NFP.

Photoshopping history

Why we don’t learn lessons from our glorious history is because it has been adulterated with myths and biases.

In the middle of it all

While the PTI and PML-N lock horns, it may be an opportunity for the PPP to make amends.

For the love of it

In context of Qadri's tissue video, NFP traces the most famous incident of adoration for a Pakistani political leader.

Shehzad and Dilshan: Leaps of faith

From pre-match prayers to prostrating yourself in thanks to God, religion has increased its involvement in sports.

Cult Pakistan - II: Sound and Vision

Back in the day, Pakistani audiences enjoyed a long list of fascinating TV shows and movies which acquired cult status.

A history of jabbering

Before Bhutto arrived on the scene in the late 1960s, rallies and oratory in Pakistan were pretty ho-hum affairs.

All fall down

There have so far been four major political movements in Pakistan that attempted to unseat the government of the ...

The brown bigots

There may be no overt displays but racism is very much alive in the most educated households as well.

Battling the Taj

Very few know that by the end of the Mughal era in the mid-19th century, the Taj Mahal was in danger of collapsing.

Life and times of DJ Butt

Butt went to Aitchison School, whereas his cousins, Gullu and Pomi, went to cinemas to watch violent Punjabi flicks.