Nadeem F. Paracha

State of the nation

When we begin to identify ourselves as Pakistanis first, our watered down concept of nationhood will finally shape the exclusive news scoops

Passionate Pakistani Twitter users donated thousands of tweets to the hungry and struggling IDPs at a Peshawar camp.


Why is the Pakhtun identity overshadowed by radicalisation and fanaticism?

Cry us a river

Pakistanis claim to be ‘jazbati’ - a claim that has become an excuse to explain away all our national embarrassments.

Looking for a hangman

The old dusty FIR of Kasuri’s murder not just convicted Bhutto but also sent him to the gallows.

The zero heroes

Our vibrant electronic media confronts a critical challenge — mistrust


Illustrations depicting reactions from the Pakistani nation before, during and after the military operation.

Do sharks eat sand?

Our murky minds imagined enemies where there were none and none where there were many

Najam Sethi: Chirping away facts

A political animal to the core, very well-read and equally articulate, Sethi is quite a force on electronic media.

From Zen silence to zero tolerance

There couldn’t be a better time than now for political and security forces to differentiate between friends and foes,

Target: Airport

Airports have always been a favourite target of terrorists of almost all extreme ideological convictions.

A Jinnah for all

Ever since Jinnah’s death, we have been trying to figure out what the founder of Pakistan said and/or didn’t say.