Nadeem F. Paracha

All fall down

There have so far been four major political movements in Pakistan that attempted to unseat the government of the ...

The brown bigots

There may be no overt displays but racism is very much alive in the most educated households as well.

Battling the Taj

Very few know that by the end of the Mughal era in the mid-19th century, the Taj Mahal was in danger of collapsing.

Life and times of DJ Butt

Butt went to Aitchison School, whereas his cousins, Gullu and Pomi, went to cinemas to watch violent Punjabi flicks.

Stranger than fiction

While Ibn-i-Safi blended mystery with humour, espionage, law enforcement, science fiction, adventure and drama; was he

State of the nation

When we begin to identify ourselves as Pakistanis first, our watered down concept of nationhood will finally shape the exclusive news scoops

Passionate Pakistani Twitter users donated thousands of tweets to the hungry and struggling IDPs at a Peshawar camp.


Why is the Pakhtun identity overshadowed by radicalisation and fanaticism?

Cry us a river

Pakistanis claim to be ‘jazbati’ - a claim that has become an excuse to explain away all our national embarrassments.

Looking for a hangman

The old dusty FIR of Kasuri’s murder not just convicted Bhutto but also sent him to the gallows.

The zero heroes

Our vibrant electronic media confronts a critical challenge — mistrust