Nasir Jamal

Concerns over growing poverty

‘Higher growth and investment alone do not guarantee a remedy. Even our public investment policies are...

Eyeing productive investment

‘If the businessmen must spend their capital on productive investments to create jobs and stimulate the economy, the

South Asia’s dismal HDIs

‘Unless you have a good set of economic policies and evenly distribute resources to cut poverty and make everyone

Spirit of entrepreneurship

‘If we give our entrepreneurs the respect they deserve, they can do miracles for this country and its people’

Textile growth shift

“If you read through our quarterly reports, you will trace eroding profitability to energy bills and rupee...

Our side of the flood story

Pakistan is far from finding a fix for monsoon flooding, or from minimising loss of life and other damage.

Floods to hit growth rate

The 2010 floods had pulled down GDP growth to just 2.6pc against the target of 4.5pc for 2010-11.

At the mercy of the water

Women hugged one another as if they hadn’t met in ages; men kissed children like they had returned home from war.

High-tech entrepreneurs at work

‘Plan9 helps tech entrepreneurs solve some problems associated with running a startup by providing free workspace,

Footprints: Living In Fear

Most residents of the village, Joyian, left their homes when cross-border firing intensified in the middle of August.

IT-driven public service delivery

The use of technology to monitor and record the government’s work is increasing thanks to the backing from the top

‘Nothing succeeds like success’

Comfort Group of Companies Chairman M. I. Khurram says he reinvested all his earnings in business expansion. His group,

Eying economy’s future

“Whether the protestors succeed in forcing the government out or not, the impact of the recent events on the economy