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Nasir Jamal

Focus-shift to domestic market

Pakistan's textile industry was structured from the very beginning to manufacture commodity textiles for intl markets. Updated Jul 27, 2015 08:37am

Access to real estate market

The size of the country’s real estate market is assumed to be in the range of $200bn and $400bn. Updated Jul 13, 2015 08:36am

Footprints: Textbook blunders

Punjab chief minister has sent a request to Lahore High Court chief justice for a judicial probe to uncover the truth. Published Jul 03, 2015 06:25am

When bet on the future pays

‘There is a massive pent-up demand for energy, housing, and other infrastructure. Once the economy picks up, this pent Published Jun 15, 2015 06:40am

A regressive tune in tax reforms

Govt to continue shift from direct to indirect taxes because "less harmful to growth" say Punjab budget documents. Updated Jun 15, 2015 08:01am

Govt’s take on old and new investors

“The existing industries, if supported, have a better chance of growing faster than new projects,” Syed Nabeel said. Updated Jun 08, 2015 08:24am

A raw deal for South Punjab

The gap between the allocations and the utilisation of funds will continue to exist no matter which party is... Published Jun 01, 2015 06:35am

Footprints: The disquiet in Daska

Burnt buildings are evidence of the how strongly the lawyers feel about the killing of their colleagues Updated May 31, 2015 08:18am