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NY police disband unit for monitoring Muslims

NEW YORK: The New York Police have disbanded a special unit that was created essentially for monitoring the ...

UN committee to meet Iranian officials on visa issue

UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations legal counsel would meet Iranian mission officials to sort out the legal...

Trial of Egyptian cleric begins in New York

NEW YORK: The trial of Abu Hamza, a radical Islamic preacher extradited from the UK, began on Monday in a New York...

UN panel urges world to change fuel use patterns

UNITED NATIONS: A UN panel issued on Sunday another warning to policymakers and stressed that countries must make...

BJP may abandon ‘no first use’ nuclear doctrine: NYT

NEW YORK: Alarmed by reports that Bharatya Janata Party (BJP) led by Narendra Modi could “jettison” India's...

Sonia refuses to give her passport copy to US court

NEW YORK: Maintaining that the government of India has told her not to disclose her travels which are contained in...

Pakistan hopes to raise $2bn in bond issue

Improved economic performance has enabled Pakistan to enter the international bond market after 7 years.

Deportations under Obama administration grow

NEW YORK: Nearly two million deportation cases in the United States involve people who had committed minor...

Drone attacks may continue after US pullout

The CIA drone operations in Pakistan may continue long after US troops have left Afghanistan, NYT said on Saturday.

Palestine seeks full membership of 15 UN bodies

UNITED NATIONS: Palestine took another step towards seeking full membership of the United Nations as it formally...

US spy who leaked details of Pakistan’s N-programme may be released

US spy who leaked details of Pakistan’s N-programme may be released in a move to save Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

No one will remain untouched by climate change, says IPCC head

UNITED NATIONS: A new United Nations report on climate change says “the effects of climate change are already...

Turkey criticised for blocking social media outlets

UNITED NATIONS: A group of independent United Nations human rights experts expressed deep concern on Friday over...

UN resolution slates Russia’s annexation of Crimea

UNITED NATIONS: The UN General Assembly adopted on Thursday by a simple majority a Western-sponsored resolution...

Al Qaeda militants moving from Pakistan to Syria: NYT

Al Qaeda plans to use Syrian bases as launchpad for attacks on Europe, US

UN seeks more troops for peace-keeping

UNITED NATIONS: Hervé Ladsous, the Head of the UN Department of Peace-keeping Operations, will visit Islamabad...

Osama claimed responsibility for 9/11 attacks, son-in-law tells US court

NEW YORK: Osama Bin Laden’’s son-in-law on trial in a New York federal court on terrorism charges unexpectedly...

Report about ISI having protected Osama rejected

NYT story says Musharraf and Shuja Pasha knew of Al Qaeda chief’s presence in Abbottabad and plan to assassinate Benazir

Pakistan reiterates stance on UNSC reforms

UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan reiterated on Thursday its opposition to increase in permanent membership of the United...

Two die, 22 hurt as buildings collapse in NY

NEW YORK: At least two persons (both women) were killed and up to 18 injured when two five-storey buildings in East...


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Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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