Asif Saeed Memon

On local government

IN the shadow of a half-constructed multi-story plaza between two empty plots strewn with construction rubble, sits a shabby looking shed of concrete blocks and corrugated iron roof.

A public health disaster

A NUMBER of months have now passed since the apparently coordinated attacks in Karachi and Peshawar which left five health workers and volunteers dead.

The disappearing poor

POVERTY is the major challenge faced by developing economies. It represents, simultaneously, a failure on the part of the polity to improve the stock of the least fortunate amongst us as well as a considerable drag on the further expansion of the economy.

Policymaking with blindfolds

EARLIER this year officials at the federal Ministry of Finance and the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) had a disagreement.

Taming the HEC

THEY tried devolving it but the courts and coalitionists blocked them. They’ve been starving it for funds but it still hobbles along. Now they want to bring it to heel.

The IMF’s door again

THE finance minister, Dr Hafeez Shaikh, had barely completed his truncated budget speech that word spread around Islamabad about an imminent approach to the International Monetary Fund for more financing

Summer of discontent

THINGS are about to get very rocky for the PPP-led governing coalition. That is remarkable considering the last two...

Economy: a top priority

A FEW days ago, President Asif Ali Zardari affixed his signature to the 18th Amendment bill. Now that the political...