Khurram Husain

Falling exports

While the government must reach out to exporters it would do well to evaluate what they say about their declining

PTI clutching at straws

One gets a sense of déjà vu listening to Imran Khan denounce the power tariff hikes and blaming them on the IMF.

Flooding priorities

This year, all Met Departments gave their flood alert barely 48 hours ahead of the flood peak — insufficient time in

Discretionary overbilling

Nepra, the power regulator, appears to have awoken from its slumber and resorted to some action.

Monetary policy non-statement

Exports and investment and capacity utilisation in industry were all falling long before the circus got under way in

Consuming kilometres

If consumers made their decisions on purely rational, cost-benefit calculations, things might be simpler for

Protesting our losses

Ministers claimed the loss amounted to Rs450bn, the AG told the SC Rs547bn. Now, Iqbal says the loss Rs1 trillion.

Winding up

To suggest that the whole economy has ground to a halt is an exaggeration.

Towards madness

Thus far the economy has been a reluctant guest in the whole affair, dragged in to quench the thirst for vindication

PTI’s empty threats

The threats being issued by the PTI, and the demands being made, show a fundamental disconnect with reality.

PTI’s white paper

Failures in governance are grave indeed but it would be helpful if PTI did not turn them into a theatre of the absurd.

Number in the news

The serious matter of retrieving ill-gotten gains has been turned into a joke.

Eid thoughts

Technology today plays such a large role in the lives of the next generation that it’s almost scary.

State Bank smiling

The truth behind the growth rate figure of 4.1pc is a lot less shiny than the State Bank report makes it out to be.

Reading the IMF

IT begins innocuously enough: “[t]he economy is showing signs of improvement”. Programme performance was...

Technocratic rule

TURMOIL in the democratic space has breathed new life into an old question: do technocrats do a better job of ...

Informal trap

A GROWING proportion of economic activities in Pakistan are now taking place in what is called the informal sector.

Taxing language

FOR the record: Tahirul Qadri came on TV on Tuesday night and angrily declared that the cases the government is...