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Shakespeare gets a Pakistani makeover in London

The Taming of the Shrew was translated so powerfully that it actually appeared as if Shakespeare wrote it on a visit to Lahore.

Meet the maker of ‘Pakistani Marilyn’

Summaiya Jillani gives Marilyn Monroe a Pakistani makeover and delights thousands on social media.

Rediscovering our Sikh heritage

A student and professor discuss their unique journey to discovering and documenting Pakistan’s lost Sikh heritage.

One man's pension fund; hundreds educated

Twelve years ago, one man's pension fund provided the seed money for what would provide 19 years of “privileged education to the underprivileged” in Lahore. The Teach A Child (TAC) School now has over 180 students enrolled.

The vibrancy of Lahore

youtube::JO9I_iRsWEo:: Q: What inspired you to put this film together? I returned to Pakistan after being away for 6...

The great ethics debate VI

In the final part of a six-part series on ethical journalism, the topic of reporting on survivors of abuse is...

The great ethics debate V

In part five, of a six-part series on ethical journalism, Hosh media looks at the race for ratings. With looming...

The great ethics debate IV

In part four, of a six-part series on ethical journalism, veteran journalist Abbas Nasir talks about how to develop ...

The great ethics debate III

To attribute or not to attribute, that is part of the question. In part three, of a six-part series on ethical...

The great ethics debate II

In part two, of a six-part series on ethical journalism, veteran journalist Abbas Nasir looks at conflict of...

The Pakistani innovator

If you thought innovation was a word not associated with Pakistan, you would be very wrong. This year, the MIT...

Surviving the 2011 floods in Badin

This years devastating floods have affected over seven million people in Pakistan’s Sindh province.  According to...

Painting in a forgotten park

Nadia Zaffar from Hosh Media, a voluntary based organisation that aims to bring youth voices onto the mainstream...

The youth speaks

Anwar Naseem, 24, ventured out to get some reactions from peers.


The Pemra mess

Scary ineptitude

Moral dilemmas

Kashmir saga


Yet another chance

‘Adoption’ laws

Out in the open

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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