Faisal Bari

Trust and dependability

Those who do not play by the rules end up creating a trust deficit.

Anti-poor bias?

Do the poor matter or not? The answer in Pakistan seems to be that they do not.

Consensus for change?

The ambiguity surrounding the methods and aims of the PTI and PAT is not a trivial issue.

The minority Pakistani

The social, political and economic space for minority communities seems to be narrowing all the time.

Tolerance and religion

The space for disagreement with regressive thoughts has become narrower.

Religion and state

Politics is not the space for absolutist beliefs of a fundamental nature.

Education and recent budgets

There is substantial circumstantial evidence to justify focus on the issue of inequality in education.

Truth and trust

Truth becomes a casualty when particular interests try to manipulate reality.

Learning to learn

ENTER a school and within 10-15 minutes you can tell if it works or not — whether it is an exciting place where...

When learning is magic

I WAS in the first year of ‘O’-Levels, when I realised, for the first time, what a joy learning mathematics and...

Institutions matter

IF there is one lesson that is emerging from the recent literature on development and long-term growth, it is about...

Misguided optimism

THE GDP growth rate for the last quarter was only about 3.2pc. It was reported to be 5pc for the first quarter of ...

Innovative thinking needed

IT has been four years since the 18th Constitutional Amendment was passed. Article 25A, ‘Right to Education’, ...

Dominant narrative

Most things in Pakistan, currently at least, can be explained through narratives about power.

Brain drain?

ACCORDING to a news report, the Federal Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms, Ahsan Iqbal, told the Senate...

Closing of the Pakistani mind

A FRIEND showed me a class four Pakistani textbook from the 1960s. It was on famous personalities. In the first...

Some are more equal…

AN apartment building in Islamabad had put up a printed sign near the main lift saying that ‘domestic staff’...

Kafkaesque approach

A COLLEAGUE advised me to take a look at Naked Statistics by Charles Wheelan as he thought I might want to recommend...