Faisal Bari

Waste and optimality

The fact that we need to change the way we use water has not fully sunk in. Published Dec 19, 2014 02:16am

Insecurity unlimited

Is creating a feeling of profound insecurity in a community not the definition of terror? Updated Dec 05, 2014 06:20am

Optimal regulation

The ineffectiveness of the regulatory structures is evident to all. Published Nov 21, 2014 02:22am

Corruption by any name

The problem worsens when society starts expecting a certain level of dishonesty. Published Nov 07, 2014 06:25am

Trust and dependability

Those who do not play by the rules end up creating a trust deficit. Published Oct 10, 2014 01:53am

Anti-poor bias?

Do the poor matter or not? The answer in Pakistan seems to be that they do not. Published Sep 26, 2014 06:43am

Consensus for change?

The ambiguity surrounding the methods and aims of the PTI and PAT is not a trivial issue. Updated Sep 12, 2014 05:33am

The minority Pakistani

The social, political and economic space for minority communities seems to be narrowing all the time. Published Aug 15, 2014 05:55am

Tolerance and religion

The space for disagreement with regressive thoughts has become narrower. Published Aug 01, 2014 01:14am

Religion and state

Politics is not the space for absolutist beliefs of a fundamental nature. Published Jul 18, 2014 01:58am

Education and recent budgets

There is substantial circumstantial evidence to justify focus on the issue of inequality in education. Published Jul 04, 2014 01:01am

Truth and trust

Truth becomes a casualty when particular interests try to manipulate reality. Published Jun 20, 2014 01:10am

Learning to learn

ENTER a school and within 10-15 minutes you can tell if it works or not — whether it is an exciting place where... Published Jun 06, 2014 01:02am

When learning is magic

I WAS in the first year of ‘O’-Levels, when I realised, for the first time, what a joy learning mathematics and... Published May 23, 2014 05:45am

Institutions matter

IF there is one lesson that is emerging from the recent literature on development and long-term growth, it is about... Published May 09, 2014 06:37am

Misguided optimism

THE GDP growth rate for the last quarter was only about 3.2pc. It was reported to be 5pc for the first quarter of ... Published Apr 25, 2014 06:33am