Zeresh John

Fizza Malik: Beyond the death toll

Today, we are one with the families and friends of all of those who lose a Fizza Malik every day in this country.

Too late Mian Sahib

In retrospect, the Muslim League has always remained divided and lacked grassroots organisation as opposed to the well-founded PPP.

Entering the Anthropocene

Scientists are now arguing that in this new geological age we must abandon the old thinking on sustainable development.

Who will dare to be Parveen Rehman?

Parents are now telling their children not to enter into this field, because community service is clearly becoming dangerous.

Growing with the world – I

Should humans live for the progress of ideology or should ideology serve human progress?

Now open for debate

So, how are we at Dawn.com dealing with all these conflicting views? By simply reserving the right to disagree.

Living oblivion

Don't let the disappointment and corruption infest you into living just because. That is a waste of a good life, a life that hasn't been struck down by a plane crash or a bomb.

United in grief

On hearing the news of Jagjit Singh’s death, the first thing that instantly came to mind was my father and our ‘Five...

Cricket’s true triumph: Sangakkara

Photo Courtesy: www.kumarsangakkara.lk I don’t take much pride in the fact that the cricket fan in me awakens once...

Through the Gender lens

The launch of ‘Through the Gender lens’ by Uks in collaboration with UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) focused...

My God, your God

 As part of a reporting assignment for a feature story on the blasphemy law in Pakistan, my colleague and I visited ...

Karachi: The morning after

The Civil Lines was still choked with foot-high rubble and shards of glass on the morning after the attack on the...

Catch the spirit

It is an overwhelming feeling when people unite for a cause. When in an instant, strangers no longer remain...

Diary of a closet Facebooker

Before yesterday’s ban on Facebook, I would have laughed off the idea of being addicted to a social networking site....

Jihad Jane to the rescue

In 1997, Demi Moore played a rough and tough female soldier in the movie G.I Jane. Well, it’s time for G.I. Jane to...

Fading from sight

The cross is the most widely recognised religious symbol of Christianity. Down the years, the emblem has faded away...