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Middle class politics

SINCE 2007, a growing middle class and its engagement with the political sphere has been the subject of much...

Who rules Pakistan?

A MONTH or so ago, political economist Akbar Zaidi published a piece in Economic and Political Weekly calling for a...

Being partisan

LAST week in London, Indian Minister for External Affairs Salman Khurshid spoke on the challenges facing democracy ...

Punjab’s apathy

AS Mama Qadeer and his companions concluded their record-breaking, 2,500-kilometre long journey from Quetta to...

The Sharia question

DURING a recent talk show discussion on the form of Islamic laws desirable for Pakistan, the anchor brushed aside a...

Historical burden

THE phrase ‘abject surrender’ has been a recurrent feature of recent discussions on the Pakistani state. Not ...

Lahore’s prosperity

“IF one were to go by all this flaunted wealth, it would appear that people in this city are living life in ...

Reversing the rot

THE abysmal condition of social science education in Pakistan has been a topic of some discussion over the last...

Opposition politics

THE most difficult position in all of Punjab — some might even say Pakistan — is currently held by the Pakistan...

Informality and the private sector

STANDING true to their pre-election commitments, the PML-N government has chalked up a list of 30-odd state-owned...

On the whims of a lobby

IN the absence of an uncontested theory on the subject, most people use three incredibly basic markers to determine...

A difference of decibels

THE burden of contextualising Pakistan’s politics beyond simplistic post-9/11 views of rampant extremism has been...

On partisan grounds

RECENT academic research by Zahid Hasnain, Ali Cheema, and others, on local development spending in Pakistan shows...

Urbanising ‘difference’

WHILE it is often said one should never speak ill of the dead, a restriction of this nature is particularly troublesome in Bal Thackeray’s case.

Reinventing an alternative

OVER the last decade or so, the challenges posed by religious fundamentalism and militancy have produced a wide variety of reactions within the Pakistani polity.

The people’s court?

IN the coming week or so, much will be written about the Supreme Court’s (SC) latest involvement in the domain of governance — this time in the shape of CNG prices — and the legal premise upon which this intervention was based.

Poll rigging for ‘national interest’

IN a landmark decision concerning Air Marshal (retd) Asghar Khan’s 16-year old petition, the Supreme Court announced that the then army chief, president and DG ISI were involved in rigging the elections of 1990.

Trading horses

RECENTLY, a politician from Punjab — after having switched political parties for the second time in 11 months — proclaimed that he’d now found ‘the right path, and the right group of people to tread it with’.

Nationalism: theirs and ours

NATIONALISM, as the late, great historian Eric Hobsbawm pointed out, is essentially an imagined sentiment.

Aspiration and victimhood

IN the last few years, middle-class discourse in Pakistan has witnessed a steady increase in the importance being accorded to the state of the economy.


Relief for terror victims

Learning curve

Nuclear normalcy

Train to Pakistan: 2014


ISI and media infighting

MQM in government again

Men planning families

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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