Sunil Sharan

The India factor

AMERICA has been outsourcing software development to India for years, but now it seems to want to outsource ...

Controversial times

THE Indian army, once hailed for its professionalism, is fast losing its sheen. Previous chiefs must be turning in...

Inured to rape

RAPE stalks the land. India rages against it. Delhi, that genteel city of Ghalib, has now been transformed into the...

India’s power slipping away?

ONCE in a blue moon, an Indian bureaucrat gets it right. R.V. Shahi, the union power secretary in 2003, took on a backwater job that few wanted, and resurrected the country’s electricity sector.

The spectre of Modi

HANG me publicly if I am found guilty, implored Gujarat’s chief minister, Narendra Modi. He who has incessantly maintained that the state’s 2002 riots were a mere natural reaction, man conforming to the laws of physics so to speak, was now suddenly seized

An executive president?

ASCENSION to India’s presidency must be bittersweet for former finance minister Pranab Mukherjee. For decades he has craved the elusive sceptre of prime minister. Settling ultimately for the cocoon of the

Shale gas solution?

THE shale gas revolution is upending global energy, and could hold the promise of alleviating South Asia’s energy woes. But so mired is the region in strife, scams and vested interests, that it is letting a wondrous gift slip by.

Maligned or malignant?

COUP-MAKER, spy, traitor, rampaging bull. Principled, steadfast, pathbreaker, rebel with a cause. Does India’s army chief, V.K. Singh, have one persona, or does he suffer from schizophrenia?

IPL is the new opium

ENGLAND’S Kevin Pietersen averaged 11 runs in the recent Test series against Pakistan, but still wanted to play in this year’s IPL (Indian Premier League).

General in his labyrinth

CELEBRATED Prussian military analyst Carl von Clausewitz described how the `fog of war` causes facts to be fudged. Indian army chief Gen V.K.

India needs to know

THIS summer of India’s discontent not only shook the nation, it also dealt a body blow to its most powerful politician, Sonia Gandhi. In August, Gandhi was whisked away to the US, ostensibly

Mistrust in times of crisis

COME hell or high water, Indian and Pakistani leaders continually nose-thumb one another. Each snub is met with a...

Shunned, will he bolt?

WHAT was supposed to be a breakthrough meeting between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan last month...

West`s victim complex

A WAVE of righteous indignation sweeps the West with every alleged act of terror, while quotidian civilian ...

Climate concert in South Asia

CLIMATE change was the purported theme of the recent summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation...

Subcontinental yin-yang

MUST India and Pakistan always be polar opposites, the yin and yang of the world? As Pakistan rediscovers the merits...

More pulpit, less bully

INDIA`S home minister, P. Chidambaram, publicly promised “swift and decisive action” against Pakistan on the very ...

Time for justice in Gujarat

Narendra Modi, chief minister of India`s Gujarat state, gestures at a polling booth in Ahmedabad. — Photo by Reuters...

A new way in Afghanistan

FOR long-term peace to emerge in South Asia, India and Pakistan must collaborate, not in Kashmir initially, but in a...