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Learning the notes

The hyped ‘Mozart Effect’ is not responsible for permanent increase in spatial reasoning; only has a temporary effect

Strategic loopholes

“Hurts public sentiment” seems to be the foremost reason to block content online.

ZonG Wins 3G & 4G Licenses

PTA awards Pakistan’s 1st 4G license to ZonG after a successful auction process.

Lock down

How secure is your cell phone?

Build your own phone

Project Ara aims to create fully customisable and modular smartphones

Killed by mistake

Civilians in the tribal areas of Pakistan are at the mercy of the software used to operate drones.

V for vandalism

The inner workings of how Wikipedia deals with vandals

Doctor on call

Aman Foundation’s TeleHealth service: an impressive initiative with its heart in the right place.

State of control

Vague laws and regulations regarding online censorship stifle freedom of expression and leave journalists vulnerable

Beyond and after Bitcoin

Litecoin, Namecoin, Auroracoin, Dogecoin, Spaincoin, over 60 different digital coins are currently being traded.

Fool me once

The decrease in SMS bundle rates and availability of automated SMS software have led to an increase in SMS fraud.