Shazia Hasan

The ice age

KARACHI: Visiting an ice factory is like touring inside a huge freezer. There you are surrounded by water sprinklers... Published May 08, 2016 06:42am

A sea of green on DHA roads

KARACHI: Was it hunger for competition or responsibility to a cause that brought all those people to Defence Housing... Published Apr 25, 2016 06:48am

Clothes shopping for men

KARACHI: There is a market in the city that caters solely for men. If there are any women there, they are there to... Published Apr 24, 2016 06:58am

Saying it with flowers

KARACHI: ‘Creativity with Flowers’, an evening of floral demonstration by Harijanto Setiawan, and organised by... Published Apr 19, 2016 06:45am