Shazia Hasan

The animal farm

KARACHI: Five little four-day-old kittens were found roaming about in the Dawn offices a couple of weeks ago with no...

Challenge to a ‘dual’

It is always better to derive more than one use out of things. And if these things happen to be fixtures or...


Where to go picnicking this weekend? Karachi has multiple beaches, but few have been developed.

'Little Germany' in Karachi

Not Lyari, Malir or Ibrahim Hyderi. This time it was the German Consulate in Karachi that played host to the carnival.

Hunger games

KARACHI: Ans Azhar is busy bouncing the ball as he dodges his opponents during a tense basketball match; boys and...

Two killed in Saddar blast

KARACHI: A bomb blast outside a mosque on New Preedy Street in Saddar on Friday noon killed at least two people and...

Preparing for monsoon

The umbrella shops don’t sell raincoats, gumboots or gloves and shops which sell the latter don’t sell the former.