Sakib Sherani

Falling FDI inflows

Pakistan offers market size but little else to a world-savvy investor.

Economic management

The seemingly pretty economic picture painted by the government is fraught with vulnerabilities.

Floods of misery

A disaster of epic proportions is unfolding for the 325 million people that will inhabit Pakistan by 2050.

Unintended consequences

In this highly polarised situation, some long-lasting damage has been wreaked on the economy.

Our institutional failing

The refusal to understand our stagnation through an ‘institutional’ prism has cost us dearly.

Deciphering the stock market

The fact that the stock market has been going up does not guarantee that it will continue to do so.

Pro-people policies

Policymakers need to reconnect to the everyday realities of life for an ‘average’ household.

Ordinary lives

The outlines of the lives of our compatriots, who are largely invisible to the rest of us, are revealing.

Slow death of manufacturing

Tax revenues and job-creation will be impacted by the decline in Pakistan’s manufacturing sector.

A lost opportunity

The budget doesn’t make a big move on meeting some of the economy’s biggest challenges.

Pakistan’s growth malaise

THE government has set a target for economic growth of 5.1pc for 2014-15. To achieve this, it is reportedly aiming ...

Grand budgetary design

THE Ministry of Finance and FBR have begun to burn the midnight oil to give final shape to the federal budget for...

Bond market delusions

PAKISTAN has been on a ‘successful’ borrowing binge of recent. It has raised money from the IMF, multilateral...

The world around us

A LOT is happening around us, both in our immediate neighbourhood, as well as further afield, that has not just...

Budget thoughts

WHAT ‘Grand Design’ will inform the formulation of next year’s budget? And what should that design be? By the...

Degrees of non-separation

HOW is the recent appreciation of the rupee linked, if at all, to the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) suing for...

Pakistan’s trade strategy

What higher-order development objectives does Pakistan’s trade strategy and policy seek to achieve?

Taking stock of the economy

Pakistan’s economy is showing signs of stabilising, amidst old as well as new challenges after many rough months.

Fair, not just free, trade

PAKISTAN has made welcome overtures to India over the past three years. Peace and stability in South Asia is an...

Colours of paradise

NOT particularly fond of driving to Lahore, a journey of around four hours on the motorway, I have had to make this...