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The world around us

A LOT is happening around us, both in our immediate neighbourhood, as well as further afield, that has not just...

Budget thoughts

WHAT ‘Grand Design’ will inform the formulation of next year’s budget? And what should that design be? By the...

Degrees of non-separation

HOW is the recent appreciation of the rupee linked, if at all, to the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) suing for...

Pakistan’s trade strategy

What higher-order development objectives does Pakistan’s trade strategy and policy seek to achieve?

Taking stock of the economy

Pakistan’s economy is showing signs of stabilising, amidst old as well as new challenges after many rough months.

Fair, not just free, trade

PAKISTAN has made welcome overtures to India over the past three years. Peace and stability in South Asia is an...

Colours of paradise

NOT particularly fond of driving to Lahore, a journey of around four hours on the motorway, I have had to make this...

Economic apartheid

INEQUALITY is rising in Pakistan — in all its unsavoury dimensions. While we may have had a less-unequal society,...

Preparing for scarcity

BARRING its formative years, generations of Pakistani policymakers have comfortably operated with one ‘given’ or...

Understanding inflation

A NUMBER of worrying developments are playing out on the economic front. The government has sounded the retreat on...

Reframing our goals

MANY — maybe most — of our economic goals and targets are fuzzy and ambiguous. In the case of some critical...

Behind the curve

AS Pakistan skirts dangerously close to another stretch of ‘heavy weather’ on the balance of payments front, the...

Programmed to fail?

PAKISTAN’S latest IMF borrowing arrangement has generated a fair degree of public comment and discussion....

A poisoned chalice

TWO recent developments have brought Pakistan’s latest IMF programme into sharp focus. The rupee has weakened...

Financial inclusion

ONE glaring inequity, among many, in Pakistan’s socio-economic framework is the unequal access to financial...

Unwanted milestones

OVER the past few months, Pakistan’s economy has crossed three unhappy milestones of sorts:

From history, with hope

MORE often than not, history has been invoked by some of us (fellow Cassandras) to alert our countrymen through our...

Economies of the ummah

WHAT is the combined size of the economies of all Muslim countries? Which are the largest and most dynamic? What are...

Public sector revamp

TO its credit, the government has moved relatively fast on two important fronts: one, putting in place a credible,...

Education emergency

PAKISTAN faces several developmental challenges that have been left unaddressed for far too long. Among the most...


Relief for terror victims

Learning curve

Nuclear normalcy

Train to Pakistan: 2014


ISI and media infighting

MQM in government again

Men planning families

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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