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Supertyphoon Yolanda: traumatic encounters with Nature

OF the first images of the devastating power that Supertyphoon “Yolanda” bore as it barrelled through the ...

Print is dead, long live the mass media

The complex system of communications that the web hosts has permanently altered the terrain of the mass media.

Mindanao accord: a good beginning but still a long way to go

MANILA: The “Framework agreement” jointly drawn by the negotiating panels of the Philippines government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is a significant advance in the protracted quest for peace in Muslim Mindanao. But, even as we bank on the

Marcos wasn’t the sole author of martial law

MANILA: Before it became wholly associated with the suicide terrorist attacks against the United States, Sept 11 used to be remembered as the day Salvador Allende, Chile’s first elected Marxist president,

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014

Madressah reform difficulty

End of a crisis

The dissension within

Universities’ challenge


More than money needed

Measuring poverty

Lure of the blue passport

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