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Rafia Zakaria

The uncounted dead

“I believe that the perception caused by civilian casualties is one of the most dangerous enemies that we face.” Updated Apr 15, 2015 02:03am

A mostly Muslim world

Numeric majorities are meaningless if they are submerged in poverty and conflict, largely uneducated and vulnerable to Updated Apr 08, 2015 07:56am

Marketing Daesh

Unlike the Taliban, Daesh seems interested in recruiting women to its ranks. Updated Apr 01, 2015 08:23am

Justice and factory fires

The Rana Plaza Arrangement in Bangladesh has provided some relief to the relatives of those killed in the 2013 inferno Published Mar 25, 2015 01:23am

Partitions past and present

Generation that actually experienced partition dwindling and stories of their migration are threatened with extinction. Updated Mar 18, 2015 10:06am

The cost of courage

Those who dare to believe in something better will not only be killed but also forgotten. Published Mar 11, 2015 07:14am

Truth and assassination

Even beyond Pakistan’s borders, conclusive answers to several high-level assassinations are still missing. Published Mar 04, 2015 03:30am

Clicking on rape

Making a gang rape video, watching a gang rape video, sharing a gang rape video, bears no moral cost in Pakistan. Updated Feb 28, 2015 03:49pm

Rape and terror

No school, no mosque and no madressah in the country features programmes against child sexual abuse. Updated Feb 25, 2015 12:55pm

The golden visa

If the doors of immigration and citizenship have been opened to investors, they are shut to nearly all others. Published Feb 18, 2015 06:37am

Thorny roses on Valentine’s Day

LIKE so much else in Pakistan, Valentine’s Day is a political event. As has been the case in the recent restive years. Updated Feb 11, 2015 09:35am

The bride of Daish

Hanan’s is one story among thousands of others sill untold, of women imprisoned by this latest recipe of oppression. Published Feb 07, 2015 02:28pm