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The treasure hunter: An allegory for Pakistan

Pakistan's sinking into barbarity is similar to the Qureshi family's descent into a tunnel, where treasure is a lie.

Education guidelines

EDUCATION is the answer for Pakistan, everyone says, and indeed they may be right. At the same time, what counts as...

The “Global” Malala

Would Malala Yousafzai be as loved, as embraced by white feminists, if she had insisted on telling her story herself?

Unity and diversity

ACCORDING to the Pew Research Centre, Pakistan is one of Asia’s least religiously diverse nations. The news came...

TTP, winning the war on TV

We are so used to them now, the bearded commanders of our television screens.

After the UN

LAST Friday, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) finally did what it should have done a decade ago when...

Many wives, no problems

Pakistani women seem reconciled to the fact that they can only be “chosen” and never “choose”.

Coverage of Taliban

RECENTLY, on the eve of Nauroze, the Persian new year, a day opposed by many religious extremists as ‘heresy’,...

A return to purdah

It may be useful to consider, how patriarchy in Pakistan may employ women to do its dirtiest work.

Aid and stereotypes

IN one of the short aid-appeal videos produced by the Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance ...

Five ways Pakistan degraded women

The week after Women’s Day has proven that new depths of misogyny are indeed possible and that they will be achieved.

The dead professors

THEY said he was a quiet, soft-spoken man and a committed academic. His assassins, two burly young men who accosted...

HerStory: Seven defining moments for the Pakistani woman

A look at the parallel history of achievements often ignored amid the more urgent demands of histories written by men.

The T-shirt revolution

THE days of American pullout from Afghanistan are near. With the exit from next door, a similar emptying is expected...

Rich, poor & terror

ON any given night in Karachi, the sound of gunfire booms through the darkness. It is a familiar sound whose...

The Facebook faithful

Newsfeeds filled with devotion and prayers all ironically emanating from a country devoid of civility and kindness.

Art and the inevitable

THE roof is leaking in Frere Hall. Ordinarily, this would not be a cause for concern. Pakistan in its current moment...

A poetless Pakistan

On his 103rd birthday, it seems apt to consider what Faiz once asked: will there be poets in the Pakistan of the future?

Pakistani fiction

THE Pakistani novel in English occupies a space of contestation and confusion. There are those that believe that

A very bleak house

On Dickens’s 202nd birthday, 66-year-old Pakistan is entwined in its own version of Jarndyce.


The Pemra mess

Scary ineptitude

Moral dilemmas

Kashmir saga


Yet another chance

‘Adoption’ laws

Out in the open

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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