Rafia Zakaria

The hell of harassment

The harassed are not only the persecuted but also the pariah. Updated Feb 10, 2016 08:35am

Places of worship are for everyone

The situation in India presents a novel opportunity for Indian Muslims to demonstrate gender egalitarianism in their ... Published Feb 03, 2016 04:39am

REVIEW:Literature of resistance

Tariq Rahman’s analysis of the history of Pakistani English literature details the changing trends from the 1940s-1980s Published Jan 31, 2016 06:48am

Misery and microfinance

Microcredit loans simply end up wrapping the poor in layers of more and more debt. Published Jan 27, 2016 06:44am

Passport complaints

The problem is one of implementation. Citizens may find it difficult to obtain a passport easily, but there is little Published Jan 20, 2016 01:09am

Fat shame and feminism

They may be successful professionals, but their inability to meet the ideal of svelte girlishness renders them failures. Updated Jan 13, 2016 12:11pm

The princes of Dubai

Those who are sceptical may wonder whether ‘firefighter’ is just one among the many titles that princes automatically... Published Jan 06, 2016 01:22am

A real wedding

Underneath the mandatory merriment lies a torn social fabric that is not what it used to be and has little idea of what Published Dec 30, 2015 06:46am

Forever girls

A society that is obsessive in its idealisation of ‘girls’ is one that can never really be committed to ending practices Published Dec 23, 2015 01:03am

Jobs and ‘jihad’

There is a constant war of ideologies between the subcontinent live-and-let-live brand of Islam and its Saudi adversary. Published Dec 16, 2015 07:02am

Death of a feminist

Mernissi set herself the ambitious task of revealing how an early Muslim male elite created institutions of seclusion. Updated Dec 10, 2015 04:49pm

Fashion feminism and futility

There is and can be both a philosophical and a feminist underpinning to fashion. Unfortunately, that is missing here. Updated Dec 02, 2015 08:27am

The history wars

Will Hindus feel more ‘indigenous’ because a group of scholars is willing to make historical dating a political act? Published Nov 25, 2015 01:43am

Charity and dignity

While money for humanitarian causes must be raised, it is not necessary to victimise the sufferers a second time by Published Nov 18, 2015 01:33am

Points of no return

European countries eager to turn away the increasing flow of refugees are running out of solutions. Published Nov 11, 2015 02:06am

Iqbal’s love: Iqbal’s life

“As a human being I have a right to happiness,” he wrote, but as a man, he remained unable to choose it. Updated Nov 09, 2015 01:44pm

The abandonment of science

Many Muslims are confused about how far and how deeply they should embrace empirical scientific inquiry. Updated Nov 04, 2015 10:24am

Women in militaries

A female fighter pilot, or drone pilot, is a clever ploy to disguise the fact that most women are far from equal. Published Oct 28, 2015 02:29am