Rafia Zakaria

Demons of a British ghetto

British Pakistanis lack a vocabulary for having honest conversations about sexual exploitation within their communities.

Women on the march

Women inhabiting public space is a victory for at least one half of Pakistan.

Words of a woman

Other than Ismat Chughtai no other female Sub-continental writer can claim to have excised the myths heaped on misogyny.

The perils of promises

Pakistan’s problem with promise is its addiction to a particular stage of political existence.

“Make your own Saudi prince”

All little Pakistani girls have a single dream of one day marrying an old man, alighting from a Saudi Airlines plane.

Fiction of the failed state

The new colonialism, like the old, presents the shadows of intervention as weightless.

Fear and Acid

It was in bottles and syringes, flung and squirted. It was easily purchased and used without the fear of prosecution.

Women watching women

This strategy of using women to discipline other women is not a new one. It has been previously employed by Saudi Arabia

The war on teachers

The targeting of teachers is an element of deliberate anti-intellectualism.

The merit visa

“THE US has the best research universities in the world, which is why we attract the best students from around the...

Breaking up with China?

While denouncing the West and India, Pakistanis ignore the racism and human rights abuses perpetrated by its friends.

After activists die

SALWA Bugaighis believed in a different future and in a better one. Even as post-Qadhafi Libya dissipated into ...

IDP = Internally Disowned Pakistanis

The wanderers are cursed and disowned, their death acknowledged as a more preferred fate than their displacement.

A homeless world

MORE than half of them are children. According to a report released by the United Nations High Commissioner for...

The Drowning Hazara

A story of helplessness and hopelessness, of winter vigils beside cold corpses and children killed in school uniforms.

Curse of the prodigy

TANISHQ Abraham is 10 years old. At an age when most children are finishing fourth grade, he is graduating from a...