Rafia Zakaria

For sale in Dubai

The lords of UAE do to their domestic workers what we do to our own, together maintaining a ceaseless chain of servitude

Drones and domination

Drones are a perfect symbol of a superpower that can kill but remain invincible itself.

5 misgivings of an ISIS fighter

Like the rest of the world, ISIS is obsessed with whiteness. The white fighters get the most face time before the media.

Remittances and returns

Pakistani workers abroad can be a source of economic rejuvenation at home.

Inside polygamy: Reader response

Pakistani men have discarded the second portion of the clause on polygamy, the one that exhorts “perfect justice”.

The problems of polygamy

In recent years, polygamy has become more normalised in Pakistan’s marital culture, and is presented as a solution for

Displacement and destiny

Pakistan’s creation story reflects the central belief that those who migrate and start again can be absorbed.

Changing face of a holy city

In the ‘upgrade’ of Makkah, there is no room for an immigrant hovel that does not accord with the expected spiritual

Men and explanations

There are small, everyday ways in which women are silenced, disciplined and shown condescension by men.

Marriage and migration

Tradition and culture, religion and romance must all conform to rules made elsewhere.

Demons of a British ghetto

British Pakistanis lack a vocabulary for having honest conversations about sexual exploitation within their communities.

Women on the march

Women inhabiting public space is a victory for at least one half of Pakistan.

Words of a woman

Other than Ismat Chughtai no other female Sub-continental writer can claim to have excised the myths heaped on misogyny.

The perils of promises

Pakistan’s problem with promise is its addiction to a particular stage of political existence.

“Make your own Saudi prince”

All little Pakistani girls have a single dream of one day marrying an old man, alighting from a Saudi Airlines plane.