23 October, 2014 / 27 Zilhaj, 1435

Munir Akram

New Afghan opportunity

Conditions may now exist for a rapprochement between Islamabad and Kabul.

India’s Great Power game

The most proximate impediment to India’s quest for Great Power status remains Pakistan.

Fighting the Islamic State

It is not wholly evident why IS has emerged as America’s top military target.

Enemy at the gate

Hopefully, realisation has dawned that peace is not about to break out with India.

Pakistan’s Moscow option

There are many areas where mutually beneficial cooperation can be promoted between Islamabad and Moscow.

Three queens

The modern ‘game’ of world politics is complex and multi-dimensional.

Pakistan’s ‘war on terrorism’

The North Waziristan operation is unlikely to be fully successful since it lacked the vital element of surprise.

The gates of hell

The neutralisation of ISIS will have to be achieved by a combination of political and military means.

Don’t do stupid stuff

What has Obama’s cautious foreign and security policy achieved?

Engaging Modi

THE invitation to Nawaz Sharif and other Saarc leaders from Prime Minister-elect Narendra Modi to attend his...

Dangers of nuclear discrimination

A NUCLEAR South Asia became a more dangerous place when the Bush administration ‘de-hyphenated’ policy towards...

Democracy’s darker dividends

DEMOCRACY is a process for governance by popular consent and the peaceful transfer of power. Periodic elections are...

The Asian challenge

ALTHOUGH the world attention is focused today on a new ‘Cold War’ in Europe, it is in Asia that the prospects of...

No policy clarity

AT present, the pervasive characteristic of Pakistan’s security policies — regarding the TTP, Afghanistan and...

Chicken à la Kiev

THE most renowned culinary offering named for Ukraine’s fair capital is probably not being consumed extensively in...

Playing Russian roulette

EUROPE and the United States have successfully encouraged a revolt against Viktor Yanukovych, the inept and corrupt,...

Mainstreaming Modi

IN February 2002, 2,000 Muslim men, women and children were killed by Hindu mobs in India’s Gujrat state. A ...

It’s mostly about N-Pakistan

IN a New York Times report of Jan 27, US officials have admitted what some Pakistanis have long asserted: that the...

Revolt and renaissance

MUCH of the Muslim world — from the Maghreb to the Indonesian archipelago — is in the throes of violent change....