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Questions for JI chief

Sirajul Haq should clearly enunciate the party’s stance.

Zionism’s most ruthless killer

ARIEL Sharon’s death removes from the scene one of Zionism’s most ruthless killers. A man without conscience,...

A century of war, 1914-2014: A blood-drenched history

Will peace remain an elusive dream in the Middle East?

Column: A blood-drenched history

Will peace remain an elusive dream in the Middle East?

Mediator or TTP ally?

THERE is a difference between mediation and intercession. The government seems to have forgotten this major...

Muslim world is burning

FROM Pakistan to the Levant, the Muslim world is burning in a self-lift fire, the ‘confrontation without’ having...

Review: On Saudi Arabia

THE Saudi people’s trauma stems from one strategic volte face by Ãlè Saud: the ruling dynasty first supported...

Nairobi drama and a lesson

THE Nairobi drama holds a lesson or two for Pakistan, especially when we see the differences between Al Shabab and...

Without a foreign minister

“DEAR General,” wrote Pakistan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Relations, “put a full-stop...

Helen’s candid truth about Zionism

WHITE House reporter Helen Thomas, who died on July 20, was banished from the Washington press corps not because she...

Kurdish ‘mutiny’ & implications

IN a highly disturbing development that occurred in April but was reported by the media last month, over 1,000...

PTI in darkness at noon

ON Tuesday, the suburbs of Shergarh, a small town in Mardan district, were rocked by the sound of a blast as a...

A shock to the people

The virtual destruction of the Ziarat Residency has shocked the Pakistani people: shocked, for it was at the Ziarat...

PPP’s persona: popular and persecuted

Barring the controversial 1977 elections, the PPP has never won two elections successively — nor, for that matter,...

Test of JI chief

Of late, there has been a toning down of the party's main plank, the Islamic ‘system’.

Pakistan-Egypt rows of the past

EGYPTIAN President Mohamed Morsi’s first visit to Pakistan was essentially a stopover on his way to New Delhi, where he had more important matters to attend to. Loyal he may be to the ummah, but that doesn’t mean he should ignore

PPP manifesto — incumbency is albatross

When a party that just ruled pledges a utopia, voters find it difficult not to snigger.

A Karachi ‘fault line’

Abul Hassan Ispahani Road is a microcosm of life in Karachi. Anarchy reigns, and your daily schedule mocks at you.

Walking on mud with reddish hue

KARACHI, March 3: The blast occurred as the Maghrib prayer was drawing to a close. So it must be between 6.50 and 6.55pm. Even though the Masjid-i-Bilal is almost two kilometres from Abbas Town, it appeared the

World waking up to Kurds’ ordeal after loss of 40,000 lives

THE murder of three Kurdish women activists in Paris last month and the beginning of an unprecedented peace process have drawn the world’s attention to one of the Middle East’s most intractable problems – the


Madressah reform difficulty

End of a crisis

The dissension within

Universities’ challenge


More than money needed

Measuring poverty

Lure of the blue passport

Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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