Mohammad Hussain Khan

Strong winds damage kharif crops

Coastal winds first hit the flowering of cotton in lower Sindh, damaging boll in cotton plants. Owing to some ...

No barriers to Bhittai

They provide solace to the seekers and a place of rest for both the weary and the wanton. They are where the material

Farmers seek level playing field

Economist Dr Kaiser Bengali believes that it’s the absence of an economic policy that creates chaos in the market.

Water shortage in Sindh

Come Kharif season in Sindh, smaller growers start campaigning against water shortage while the high and the mighty...

Sindh’s agri uplift programme

Owing to repeated revisions of federal tax revenue targets, Sindh received Rs327bn — less than the estimated share of

Date orchards hit by fungus

Date palm growers in Sindh are worried about premature dropping of fruit from trees owing to what they suspect is a...