Mohammad Hussain Khan

Commodity prices decline in Sindh

PRICES of crops like onion, cotton, paddy and sugarcane are depressed in Sindh, while farmers continue their outcry... Published Jan 26, 2015 06:59am

Disputed sugarcane support price

Farmers complain that they are currently incurring a direct loss of Rs27 per 40kg on sugarcane sales Published Jan 06, 2015 07:03am

Sindh seems to be off the PML-N radar

HYDERABAD: The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leadership does not give Sindh the importance it deserves as the second... Published Dec 29, 2014 06:18am

Efficacy of govt administered prices

Due to the small difference between the open market and the government-issued prices for wheat, the Sindh food Published Dec 29, 2014 06:17am

Restoring cotton standardisation fee

Sindh has opposed the levying of the cotton standardisation fee without the payment of premium to cotton producers Updated Dec 22, 2014 07:48am