Moeed Yusuf

Sour ties with US

Our own sales pitch has contributed negatively to our image.

A potent message

The Islamists have prevented a united challenge to their narrative.

Missing rules

Politicians should be aware that people are disillusioned by the system.

Lost civilian space

Civilian governments do not lord over the entire national pie.

The blowback debate

THE North Waziristan operation is now a month old. Everything we are made to believe tells us that the operation has...

Points of contention

PRIME Minister Modi’s election in India has spurred interesting conversations bet­ween Indian and Pakistani...

Difficult ties

There’s no pressure on Modi to reach out to Pakistan.

Our internal challenge

Confusion is impeding Pakistan’s counterterrorism efforts.

Unlikely role

The state as defender of the media is a laughable proposition.

Flaws in NISP

NISP is seen as going beyond the interior ministry’s remit.

The final option

TALKS with the TTP continue to keep Pakistani pundits preoccupied. Even as the government is taking talks forward,...

Bilawal’s PPP

BILAWAL Bhutto’s political career has been launched in earnest courtesy of the Sindh cultural festival. Some seem...

Wrong impressions

HAVING worked in the policy arena in the US for some years, I often find myself under the gun about all things...

More of the same

THE year of transitions in Pakistan is over. We have a new government, new chief justice, and new army leadership....

No room for diversity

PAKISTAN has become an excessively bigoted place. We suffer from striking levels of intolerance across ethnicities,...

Deeper into the quagmire

FORMER President Pervez Musharraf now faces high treason charges. It has been quite a journey for the military man....

Not a bad start

PRIME Minister Nawaz Sharif’s three-day trip to Washington concluded last week. Having observed the visit closely,...

No convergence of interest

PRIME MINISTER Nawaz Sharif arrives in Washington next week to meet President Barack Obama and other senior US...

Small window of opportunity

PRIME Ministers Nawaz Sharif and Manmohan Singh will likely meet in New York on the sidelines of the UN General...

Performance so far

WHEN the PML-N emerged victorious in the May 2013 elections, there was a general sense that it would be able to...