Stories for: Aasim Sajjad Akhtar

Politics as parody

The corporate media has played power games many times.

The Pakhtun question

The Pakhtuns have found both wealth and squalor.

Two-way street

It is unfashionable to see the world through the class lens.

Ruling Pakistan

The power structure, and not Musharraf, must be the focus.

Realpolitik reigns

War and suffering are ever present in today’s world.

Of heroes and villains

Our true heroes remain largely anonymous, even in death.

Normalising power

THE disclosure that more than 100 children recently starved to death in Sindh’s Thar desert is a cause of...

Short-term thinking

PAKISTANIS have notoriously short-term memories and, dare I say, rather fickle politics too. It has barely been nine...

Drunk on power

IT is said that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I am generally suspicious of such adages but...

Beyond the law

ONCE upon a time, the law of the land was decreed by rulers who owed their positions of power not to popular will ...

Now or never

THE whispers are growing louder: why is it that Punjab remains largely peaceful while Balochistan, KP and Sindh...

Freedom farce

TAKING the day off for trivial commemorations is one of the few things we do collectively in Pakistan. So it was ...

What is going on?

A SPATE of killings across the country has ratcheted up alarmism about ‘terrorism’ in recent weeks, provoking a...

Rustic and proud

BY all accounts, the world is fast urbanising. It is said that half of the planet’s population now lives in ...

Already privatised

IN the space of a few short months, the PML-N government has demonstrated, by its ineptness as much as anything ...

Holy exception

AS the ongoing stage drama that is the Musharraf trial continues, an all too familiar sub-plot is also unfolding. It...

Never-ending game

IF there’s one subject that the mainstream Pakistani intelligentsia takes seriously, it is regional and global...

Poles apart

IT was in the 1990s that the ‘Asian Tigers’ emerged as the poster-children of global capitalism. South Korea,...

Politics of liberation

THE emergence of the ‘development sector’ in recent decades has had numerous impacts on the so-called...

Banana republics no longer

AS the great defenders of state sovereignty continue their TV-friendly holy crusades against foreign domination, the...


Misguided optimism

Late call for unity

Politics as parody

Piety and cheating


Sectarian violence

Gilgit-Baltistan alienation

Fatah-Hamas unity

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Go in-depth: Indian elections 2014
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