Aasim Sajjad Akhtar

Good, bad or ugly?

Pakistan’s third face goes beyond the good vs bad debate.

Privatised welfare

The religious right wing is dominating basic services.

More equal

The media now has the capacity to turn day into night.

Harbingers of change

Societies are like living organisms and are constantly changing.

Why socialism?

Interest in the socialist tradition has seen a revival.

Modern temples

There are problems with much of our water infrastructure.

Holier than thou

The elite has discovered a new saviour, a politician with a difference.

The magic wand

The magic wand cannot continue to be waved with reckless abandon.

Politics is the victim

There is no space for the ordinary people who make this country tick.

Rolling back

Presently, we are not in anything like a ‘revolutionary’ moment.

Never to return

Previously, popular culture was not distinguished as ‘Muslim’ or ‘Hindu’.

Making the break?

We are waiting for our parties to show political sagacity.

Breeding hate

It is often said that Israel and Pakistan are alike.

Politics of patriarchy

AS Imran Khan’s tirades against election irregularities continue unabated, one is tempted to remind him that, as...

Old habits die hard

Okara military farms are back in the spotlight.

Kingdoms of God

IT is remarkable to think that it has been only a couple of years since the world was raving about the so-called ...

Orientalism lite

AFTER a week acclaiming it as the ‘final solution to terrorism,’ everyone is now clambering to highlight the...

On state terrorism

IT is among the many wonders of this land of the pure that charlatans renowned for their closeness to state...

No short cuts

IN my reckoning, two big things happened in Pakistan this past week. Everyone is talking about one and largely...

Whither workers?

Subordinate classes are not organised politically.